Monday Matters: Custom Interior Design & Decorating, our Passion!

Monday Matters: Custom Interior Design & Decorating, our Passion!

Well, on Friday we had to send one of our best employees back to school…

We will miss his work ethic, enthusiasm and sense of order!

But what we appreciated most was his constant reminder that what we were passionate about mattered.

Even as a 20-something, knee deep in life and school, he “got it”

We are all about YOU. All about CUSTOM for YOU. Because YOU MATTER.

Doesn’t matter if you live in a Tent

“Writing under the stars at Longitude 131”, Northern Territory Australia! Click on photo to go to Northern Territory Reference: “Glamping”

A Yurt

Yurts, Credi: Wikipedia

A Backpack is your home

I have a son who loves to live for weeks, months at a time out of a backpack while hiking Alaska or New Mexico! There is style and custom that comes from no trace living as well…:)!

or a Mansion

This is from – a site we follow on twitter! It is kinda fun to see what goes on in this galaxy – one we are not exactly familiar with ;)!

There is something UNIQUE that you bring to the world

Alpaca – he has great hair or is it fur – for making blankets! We love him for that !

And at Couture Chateau we want YOU to live a custom life

We all matter…you matter…no matter the shape, size or bank account. There is something you have to contribute and the space you live in should enhance that “Younique!” (Hey, should we trademark our new office word? “You-nique”)

Because there is only one you!

Have a great week and know we care about YOU and what you bring to this world.

What room can we customize for you? Let us know!

xo Ann

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