Sunday Stewardship: Last Day to Register for the Live Decorate Like A Pro System Teaching. It will still be available but…..

Sunday Stewardship: Last Day to Register for the Live Decorate Like A Pro System Teaching. It will still be available but as a stand alone product AFTER the 8 weeks are up.

Now it is $495. See why HERE.

Then it will be $995 (pre-buy between April 29th & June 30) & $1,495 after June 30.

We are busy behind the scenes & I hope it is a gorgeous day where you are.

Family is in town as we celebrate my younger son’s Eagle Scout Award today.

My mother & sister in law graciously cooked dinner last night

Barbeque Chicken & Gourmet Burgers on a gorgeous California evening. I had a salad & lite glass of white wine. It was a welcome break.

while I was programming & skype-ing (is that a word?) with our tech team, messages beeping & making sure our members were all taken care of as they registered

Stewardship: Not Always Easy

It is SO worth it!!

What do you need to steward today?

This makes me feel safe + responsible to steward my part at the same time.

I believe it’s you!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


Register HERE for Decorate Like A Pro System

We are live tomorrow, Monday, April 29, 2013 at 8 am EST.

Where you can engage on your own time, in your own home & learn.

1 Module in your inbox each week for 8 weeks

Coaching upgrades (there are 2 options) include Private Facebook Forum, Weekly Skype Chat Office Hours & more…

We have a spot for you but the window closes today at 2 pm

Frugal Friday Fun: Cut Plywood Lighting Fixtures

Frugal Friday Fun: Cut Plywood Lighting Fixtures

Working on a jewel box project & just needing some simple fixtures?

When we need custom but don’t have a massive budget, I go to plywood lights

We develop a pattern, usually paint or custom finish the wood & create a lyrical piece of hanging art

Here are a few examples I found on Esty

A simple plywood cut light. We are working on a custom version for a Tahoe Project. Ours will have a more sophisticated center light. I love the simplicity.

Here is another cut plywood light. I love using this model in second homes for clients. Easy to customize with color, pattern. Fun!

These are great for vacation homes, second properties or pool houses.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Frugal Friday. Amazing what you can do with plywood!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


Don’t forget to register for Decorate Like A Pro System! Not many spots are left for the Coaching Upgrades!! The $495 price point is only good until Sunday, April 28th for our live group program. Once that closes, the price will be much higher as our Beta Test Groups indicated as an appropriate value price. If you think you might want this system, please don’t delay. I don’t want you, our faithful readers, to miss the introductory price point.

Thursday Spotlight: Style Spotting Fav’s From High Point

Thursday Spotlight: Style Spotting Fav’s From High Point

Something lite today! These are all from the High Point Market Style Spotting Pinterest Boards, uploaded & linked via Pinterest & Spotter. You will find the links at bottom of each picture!

Enjoy over a cup of coffee (or tea says my husband) & pin away!


“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann


If you haven’t checked out our upcoming Decorate Like A Pro System, do so! Registration for this online course only closes on Sunday. We are down to fewer than 13 spots for the coaching upgrade & once registration closes, the $495 System price is gone forever. Our beta testers howled at me for pricing it too low….just remember yesterdays post. My heart. Have a great day!!!

Wednesday Style Points: Is It Really Happening? Fearless In Action, Join Us & Decorate Like A Pro.

Wednesday Style Points: Is It Really Happening? Fearless In Action, Join Us & Decorate Like A Pro!

I feel like I am giving birth – well, proverbially 🙂

Have you ever felt that way with a project you are working on, or a family or life thing?

That’s this. Easy in concept, a “hey, I have an idea” moment

Then…..idea turning into concrete action….omg…

I teach this material (Decorate Like A Pro) in several formats to small groups, safe, ordered…beautiful

Have for a long time. To any who would listen.

This is the kind of thing that Clients, Friends, Professionals say after a Seminar which pricks my heart:

Objectively speaking, it hits remarkably well on human behavior that sends us into a downward tail spin. Stuff I never even considered. It’s a pretty cool thing she’s got here.
Elizabeth R., RN, BSN, (Counseling Psychology), Working Mother, Kansas City, Kansas
Grateful for hearers who put words to insights so testimony is not a hollow exercise of calling in favors, there is a gauntlet thrown down. Do I step outside of the safe + ordered + beautiful walls of a Home Based Design Studio & share?

Those of you who have been with me a while know 2012 was the year. I felt a very strong call that it was time to “put it out there”. No more hiding the material behind catered lunch for 8 & Prada sweater sets with Escada skirts.

growth quote

Click here for the whole story. And to sign up before we fill up. I’d like to hold a spot for you!

So in the spirit of being fearless (hard for me – is it hard for you?) I put this “baby” in the hands skilled professionals who walked along side me and my team. We created Abundant Boundaries for this premium product, designed in all ways for client ease via the internet.

Membership page, all of it. Links. Modules. Forum. WORK. FRUIT.

Thus, Decorate Like A Pro System for the Internet was born

We beta tested the format (Weekly Recorded Webinars + up sell + down sell private coaching levels)

Put feedback into Matrix (comments, challenges, questions, tech, ease of use, ease of access)

Re-recorded, re-edited, re-recorded

Set up the Membership Page (my favorite part)

Got all the Modules in place to be released each week

Set up the Private Coaching Forum (another favorite part)

Set up Pay Pal (my least favorite part…add to cart where ?:)

and now we bring it to Market to sell for less than one week only

A dear friend asked why we’d only offer this version for less than a week:

Because this is for people who really want to be extraordinary & are ready to leap

This photo is with a group of fantastic women. Risks in life...they are most definitely WORTH it!

Without Tobi Fairley, I would not be here. I would be in my skirt & sweater set far away from what I should be working at. Far away from my call. Discouraged at best….

Because this is for people who really care about learning things that go on under the surface that make Decorating Projects soar or fall & they happen to be ready to soar

Because this is for people who run the gamut from DIY to Seasoned Designers who perceive there must be some insight out there that can bring those aha moments we crave. Those aha’s that we “knew” but couldn’t quite articulate or put into action.

Because this is for people who are learners & are willing to give an hour to a Free Webinar to see if it’s a fit

Because I only want to engage those for whom it is a fit

Because we know, don’t we, if something is a fit.

I know when I engage teaching if it is not for me. I pass that along to a friend for whom it might be.

Because I know it’s not for everyone – even some of my closest friends

Because I know it is for some – even some of my closest friends

That’s why. A few days. A small group. An engaged group. A group that is ready to leap.

IF it’s a fit for you – who, where & why you are, I hope you join us

I know life is short. I know our spaces & places matter. I know they really do shape us, inside & out.

Stewardship Sunday: My Top 3 Principles For Decorating Your Home

I knew the original well. Spaces & places matter. They shape us, for better, for worse…they just do……

Live, this material goes for over $10,000. Yup, you read that right. We priced the System without coaching at $495.

Again, the “why” from my friend, why not a higher price Ann…

Because I have been in a place where price was a barrier to my entry. And that was when I need it most. When I couldn’t afford it.

At $495 it’s less than $62 per Module. Include the Free Webinar and it’s $55 per Module. That felt right in my heart for today, for this first group willing to leap.

For those who can afford more & want more, the coaching program where we walk along side daily for the 8 weeks is available. There is the more expensive version at $1,290 & the less at $890. I know I am violating every rule of “marketing” by sharing from the heart, but this is who I am. It’s what I believe.

I am also making the window short because we only have 15 coaching spots left

Guess it’s good when clients buy before it’s live.


Are you ready to leap?

Wednesday Style Points. Perfect? Not even close. Real? Yup.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


Thank you for being there as this was grown. It would not have happened if my clients & readers had not urged,  commented, liked, sent private messages, tweeted, facebooked, followed & fueled the heart call. I look forward to many more. It’s as much your fruit as it is mine. Grateful.

Monday Matters: Early Bird Get’s Design Work Done But Might Crash At 11 am

Monday Matters: Early Bird Get’s Design Work Done…But Might Crash At 11 am

It’s definitely Monday

Up early, really early…to meet some East Coast Deadlines

Coffee is on second pot

How is your Monday going?

In the Studio, we have finalized a few details on a Design Job

Listened to Continuing Education Webinars

Made the Monday Morning Mess on the Design Table


found some seriously inspiring design photos

Doing some research for a contemporary custom job…am liking these colors & the low profile furniture. Image linked.

Monday Matters & so do you!!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


PS: We will let you know as soon as the payment link is up for Decorate Like A Pro System! We are offering the entire System (Regularly $1,495) for $495 starting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 23rd through April 28th ONLY. The System, complete with a Private Membership Page, starts on Monday, April 29th and runs for 8 weeks. Cool part? You can engage on your own time, in your own home.

Sunday Stewardship: A Peek At A Fresh New Collection…Short Video From Market

Sunday Stewardship: A Peek At A Fresh New Collection…

Check out Lisa Kahn’s new collection for Chelsea House

Market is in high gear right now in High Point, North Carolina. Parties, openings…the whole bit. I wanted to share some behind the scenes happenings & insights so you feel like you are there!

While I am knee deep in recording studio & webinar production = focusing on my call to get this teaching out of the walls of my Design Studio, my Friends are faithfully sharing & keeping me in the loop. Thank you Traci Zeller for the early morning share on this video!

May this be a simple blessing, bring a smile & let you know there are some solid good people working on some solid good design!

Lisa Kahn is terrifically good at what she does. This is fresh, approachable & affordable from the Design World.

Be sure to check out Chelsea House & Lisa Kahn

Let me know if we can help you design with any of these!!

Sunday Stewardship: Your spaces & places matter. They can either move you forward or hold you back. Let’s move you forward!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann

Saturday Stuff: Love Pinterest? Style Spotters at Market = Inspiration!

Saturday Stuff: Love Pinterest? Style Spotters at Market = Inspiration!

At market, there are a few people who are tagged as Style Spotters

Last go around, a friend of mine Lisa Mende won the top spot. Before that a friend Traci Zeller!

It is really a fun way to follow along what people are seeing & what they think is on the mark.

If you are a pinterest junkie, this is the place to be for the next few days 🙂


From the Style Spotting Page…


Vote for the best pinboards and products for each Style Spotter

by generating “likes” or by re-pinning photos to your own Pinterest board.

At the end of Market, the most popular pinboard

will win that Style Spotter a free trip to the Fall 2013 High Point Market!

View Pinboards HERE

This is a fun way to get your feet wet with all the stuff out there.

Saturday Stuff: Styling without leaving home!

Am back into recording mode…so have a fantastic weekend.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Thursday Spotlight: High Point Market

Thursday Spotlight: High Point Market

Ever wonder why Designers disappear for 10 days & then return bleary eyed with more catalogs & business cards than any sane person should have?

It’s called Market!

This nice (quiet) video gives a short peek inside

For more takes, visit the home page on Youtube & peruse the 46 other videos – some more sparky ;). Great over a lite lunch!

Spotlight: It’s Market Time!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


Follow the action on Twitter at #hpmkt 🙂

Tuesday Tidbit: Time To Get In Shape, Darn…:). Can’t I Just Design Only?!

Tuesday Tidbit: Time To Get In Shape, Darn…:) Can’t I Just Design Only?!

You know those signs

You hear it, read it, see it….friends oh so gently remind you…

time to get in shape Ann


I know it, I have been in shape…but ouch!

As I told a friend this morning, it seems so much easier to just buy really nice clothes & pop on a pair of Louboutins!


I LOVE Oscar. And the color? Divine. The bow? Perfection.

So today my tidbit has nothing to do with homes or design, well I guess Lifestyle Design, sort of

Got back in the pool this morning. It will be a long road forward…

Oscar again. I also happen to love yellow. The 3/4 sleeve on this Spring RTW is a perfect length. Ditto the skirt portion. Flattering.

But journey with me.

Do you need to modify something?

I need to get my head out of work 24-7 and allocate some time to getting in shape

It is easier for me to work

Oscar Earrings. Cute with the dress, right?!

What about you?

What is good that you know you must do that you don’t?

I can’t be the only one…

Tuesday Tidbit: We are what we do.

Amanda Nisbet Design. Image linked. Just having a yellow moment. Does any body do this better than she? I think not!


“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


PS: If there is some tidbit you need to change, let me know!  Or if you aren’t ready to share, just know I am here on the journey with you. We cannot do it alone. Heck, my husband had to practically throw me in the car this morning to go swim. I resisted – the coffee was good & the blog was calling…and now? I am still in my swim parka! BUT have at least started. The first step is the hardest….Have a great day. Someone out there needs you!

Monday Matters: It’s High Point Week = Fantastic All Around

Monday Matters: It’s High Point Week = Fantastic All Around

Twice a year High Point, North Carolina hosts “Market”

What is it?

About 7 billion (ok, I exaggerate just a bit) square feet of must see, must hear stuff

New Market Introductions

Design Seminars

Featured Celebrity Guests

It’s actually really fun. Exhausting, but fun.

Stay tuned this week as I try to bring some of the highlights you might like by way of my friends (who I am missing!!) who are there. I am knee deep in recording some additional tracks for Decorate Like A Pro System & some interviews for the blog. Sad to miss but have my feelers out everywhere.

Traci Zeller has a new fabric line coming out

Traci’s new fabric line

Lisa Mende is speaking

Lisa Mende won last years Style Spotter.

Tobi is touring people to some of her hot spots

it is kind of a week long Golden Globes party!


Monday Matters. While my pals are heeling it up, I am “head setting it up” to make sure I stay focused on what I am supposed to stay focused on. That can be hard sometimes. We want to be all things to all people.

What’s your week look like? I hope, it looks like YOU!

It was hard for me to say no to Market. I was afraid I’d miss too much…but then I realized this week needed to look like “me”.

Hard to do, right? I know!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann


If you want to follow what goes on at Market, #HPMkt is the twitter hash tag. Hoot suite that puppy up and you can follow the conversation. I will try to bring you a sneak peek of some behind the scenes stuff via my friends when I take breaks from the recording we are working on this week.