Ann McDonald & what she refers to as “My Amazing Team” have three concentrated niches

in addition to a sapling daily blog, planted in October of 2011.

Detail of Custom Hand Built Console from Columns

“Full Service Design”: This is the backbone of Couture Chateau. Fees are based on a percentage of total budget and installation of project is executed in one day or series of days. This approach is not conducive to the purchase of or counsel on one item of furniture or singular set of window treatments. Ann limits the number of custom projects each year to best serve a loyal customer base. For additional information or to purchase a hard bound portfolio of Couture Chateau Projects, email Ann at

VIP Days

“VIP Days”: 1 Day, 1 Designer, 1 Designer’s Team, 2 Days Studio Work, Your Project, Your Questions, Professional Answers Fast. VIP Days are quickly becoming the go to resource for Homeowners who are managing their own projects but are tired of asking friends and relatives which tile is best! Contact or visit the link on our website:

Ann McDonald’s Design Seminars

“Trend, Teach & Encourage: Design Seminars”: Ann is passionate about teaching Clients and other Designers how to navigate the world of Design. Often overwhelming, even to the professional, the myriad of issues that present themselves has prompted her to develop a series of Educational and Trend Workshops for the casual hobbyist, professional designer and potential client alike. Starting off as day trips with clients & Dealers to some of her most favored sources, these days of shopping and talking soon developed into full blown workshops and teaching seminars. It is here that those years of experience, good and bad, have come full circle.

Come on the journey with us. Couture Chateau. There is only one you. Live life custom.

One thought on “Services

  1. The blog is informative and fun to read!! I like the “secret suggestions” for places to find special and eclectic items…

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