Friday Frugal Finds….Confession of an Ikea Hacker!

Friday Frugal Finds…Confession of an Ikea Hacker!

Ikea Hackers!

Yes, we are Couture Chateau

This is the Feature Image on our Website…not exactly Ikea…;)!

Layered, Intentional Living…Custom all the way…Private Labels for YOU…

Seriously, we private label & custom make almost everything! Including the FABRIC!

However, I still love IKEA.

This is an Ikea Kitchen!

OK, I’ve lost some of you…but…look!…

THIS is actually the “hack” that stole my heart…I was so happy when it won “Hack of the Year”!

Beauty and Style are not the strongholds of the wealthy…they are strongholds of the soul

Look at this! It’s beautiful! Even if it’s not your style…you must give props to the eye that created it!

CONFIDENCE in our Design Eye is what makes it possible for us to say it’s OK to shop at Ikea

Very cool…wish the pic was better quality, but still…you get the jist!

Seriously…do YOU have enough confidence to buck the “prevailing thought” and TRUST your eye?

Fun. Real life living for a family…

We are here to help! CALL us…the Holiday’s are just around the corner and your VIP Day is waiting!!

Click here to schedule a VIP Couture Chat! 1 Day, 1 Designer, 1 Designer’s Team, 2 Days Studio Work, 1 12-16 Page Write up, 1 Really Cool Box, 1 Happy Client !!

xo Ann

Wednesday Style Points: Behind the (Computer) Scenes on a Sale Set Up!

Wednesday Style Points: Behind the (Computer) Scenes on a Sale Set Up!

Our Clearance Sale is less than 3 weeks away

Style and Design aren’t limited to spaces & places

Fabulous Stage Designs by Richard Finkelstein

Some of those Style Points are “behind the scenes”

Shopify. The System that runs our on line store.

As we work to roll our sale out on line for Friday, September 14th,

Setting up our “shopping carts” and “tag sale” for a limited time on Clearance Items

Colorful Shopping Carts!

We are spending MUCH time trying to make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed

Inventory and Locations List

Style…it’s as much BEHIND the computer as it is in the FRONT office!

Wish us favor ;)!…

xo Ann

Tuesday Tidbit: My Gold & (Brass) Habit!

Tuesday Tidbit: My Gold (Brass) Habit!

Sneak Peek…A Gold Panel from the Plaza Hotel in one of our Projects (not yet completed)

So I’ve shared my Herringbone Habit, My Yellow Habit and now, my Gold Habit!

Gold Bracelet

Even when Silver, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Copper were “in – out – all the rage – etc”

Finish Samples

I always looked for ways to incorporate Gold or Brass into my projects

Aged Brass Mirror

Timeless – Truly

Love using these simple Brass single Faucets in unexpected places!

Ages – Naturally

Look at this – Beautiful! I found it on Etsy…click on link below to see if it’s still available!

Love it!

Brass Antique Vase from Benton County Museum Site

xo Ann

Monday Matters: Your Custom Life & Why It’s Important!

Monday Matters: Your Custom Life & Why It’s Important!

You Can’t Really Fail!

Couture Chateau is all about creating custom spaces to enhance the life our client’s are meant to live


I am repeatedly an INFP: Performing Noble Service to Aid Society 🙂

At any price point

Sabrina Soto of HGTV’s High – Low Project

Each of us brings different gifts and talents!

What are YOUR gifts and talents…ARE you USING THEM? Can you find them in your home? If not, then it’s time to re-arrange your space :)!

Have you LOST your Gifts & Talents in a messy home?

Lost your marbles?

In a disorganized closet?

I am a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers!

Then it’s time to rearrange your Couture Chateau!

My Couture Chateau Custom Monogrammed Door Handles!

Stay tuned as we roll out those E-Products with Practical Tips & Tricks for You!

Monday Matters…it sets the tone for the week.

xo Ann

Sunday Stewardship: Real Life Living, A Teenage Boy’s Bedroom, Three “Generations” of Furnishings

Sunday Stewardship: Real Life Living, A Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

Creating a space with Three Generations of Furnishings: Antique, Retro & Modern or New

NONE of which is inherited…and ALL of which is still “in progress”

Real Life: A Teenage Boy’s Room

I think it is so important to share transparently how we live as Designers and Design as Designers for our own Family

A Family!

Stewardship involves a component of TEACHING the next generation to appreciate & enjoy all types and styles of stuff

1. MODERN: New Headboard from Couture Chateau’s Custom Collection, Made in North Carolina by Bentley Churchill

Couture Chateau’s Custom Headboard Made in North Carolina, by Bentley Churchill, Perfectly Sized to Match the Retro Shelving

2. RETRO: Open Shelving Giving the Space a bit of whimsy from the 1970’s

Not exactly like what we found, but I like this one also.

We went shopping for the shelving we found for his room at Consignment Stores. Because the space is small, the 1970’s  wall mounted “Model Home” Shelving is perfect. Kind of the Brady Bunch meets That 70’s Show…very fun. Don’t take it too seriously – teach them to “Mix it up”!

3. ANTIQUE: A drop front Desk

Antique Drop Front Desk, Similar to the one pictured

Practical because it hides his stuff – AND gives him a not so subtle appreciation for working in style.

And to make you feel better – not even a Designer’s kid can make the bed so the plaid on the Ralph Blanket lines up perfectly!

Here’s to REAL LIFE LIVING – Sunday Stewardship Style…

xo Ann

Saturday Sneak Peek: A 30 Second Video of Photo Shoot for Tag Sale!

Saturday Sneak Peek: A 30 Second Video of Photo Shoot for Tag Sale!

Click on the PHOTO BELOW!

You’ll catch glimpses of us working…See if you can spot Ann (behind the computer of course) and our Assistant Daniel (playing with the Tassel)


xo Ann

Click on this picture to view video!


Friday Frugal Finds: Couture Chateau Designer Clearance Sale September 14th Online. 4 Days Only.

Friday Frugal Finds: Couture Chateau’s can have Frugal Finds

Grab your Kate Spade and plan to join us online!

It’s the Mid-West in my blood!

Yes I am from the literal middle of nowhere! Where cows roam and if someone says they do “diversified farming” it means “wheat, cattle & oil”…never underestimate The Middle! 😉

We have been photographing for our 2012 Designer Clearance Sale on September 14th, 2012 which runs for FOUR DAYS ONLY

Just a few of the items! There are SO MANY MORE!

Access to the Sale on Friday is for our E-Mail Mailing List & Blog Followers ONLY, it opens to all on Saturday thru Monday

Original Framed Saturday Evening Post Covers with Mailing Labels Still Attached!

 If you are not a Blog Follower – Make Sure and Opt In!

Everything from Quirky to Conservative! There are two of these Gothic Candlesticks in a Very Fun Color as well…

More fun photos & information this weekend…stay tuned!

xo Ann

Thursday: Spotlight on Custom…a Couture Chateau Life

Thursday: Spotlight on Custom

Couture Chateau Custom Sofa with Bolt of Versace Fabric

What is a Couture Chateau Life?

Do You Recognize This Piece? It was made for a client’s entry hall from Antique Columns re-purposed and hand worked for a perfect fit!

It’s a life intentionally designed & layered

There are actually three (3) colors of paint, not two! Even subtle differences MATTER in YOUR custom life!! This Couture Chateau Project is still a favorite!

Which equips you to be the best you can be

Like each floor, each layer in our Couture Chateau lives brings a different PERSPECTIVE! And don’t forget to “paint your window frames” meaning – don’t neglect the details! They really do matter – like this bright blue!

Live Your Life Custom. There is Only One You!

xo Ann

Wednesday Style Points: High Vases vs Low Vessel Centerpieces

Wednesday Style Points: High Vases

Simple Clear Tall Vases

Versus Low Vessel Centerpieces

Short Wide Vase

Each Season we seem to have the debate!

I love Barreveld product

Which is YOUR Preference?!

Barreveld Tall Round

I LOVE low vessels that can hold multitudes of flowers without blocking views…

Beautiful Cut Glass Serving Bowl

but can’t resist the tall tiered stands – fill them with small votives that hold fresh flowers INSTEAD of food!!

Love this on a serving table – perfect FLORAL centerpiece!

Photo from Young House Love Blog (2009).

It’s a DELIGHTFUL change from the ordinary…it’s a Couture Chateau Moment!

xo Ann

Tuesday Tidbit: My Yellow Habit!

Tuesday Tidbit: My Yellow Habit!

A Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond

Yesterday I shared a picture of CR Laine’s Yellow Wing Chair

Another Chair by CR Laine!

I have a serious love affair with Yellow

Yellow Carpet from Overstock

Started when I was a little girl and the Yellow and Orange Floral Sheer Drapery FLOODED my room with light as the sun shone through

I couldn’t find a picture of mine as a girl, but these are the same “type”. Overly girly. A bit much, but oh so easy and fun as a child!


50 West 67th Street…the Musician’s Building near Lincoln Center

Grew when we lived in NYC and the pale pale yellow walls with the 18″ Baseboards & 12 Foot Ceilings of a Pre-War Building barely 1 bedroom apartment called my name

An apartment on the 5th Floor…ours was on the 1st and had magnificent ceilings…

Today, I’ll take it in any shade

From the Decorologist Blog – Fabulous Yellow Console!

Any saturation

Love Yellow Roses

Any amount

LOVE this rug!

Love to the Yellow!

Harry Winston Yellow Diamond Earrings!

xo Ann