Dressing the Bed, Part 1

Holiday Treats for our most personal space, our Bedrooms.

As the holidays approach and the stress of making everything right for everyone else becomes the charge of the “housemaker”, remember to keep your private spaces inspiring, free of clutter and an emotional place of safety. Make them special enough to put a smile on your face when you walk in.

Why do we think our Bedroom should have just one outfit?  We certainly don’t! That said, it’s easier than you think to re-dress your bed. Start with what you already have.

Think seasonally. Think about mix and complimentary colors.

I remember well when the monogrammed almost thread bare summer spreads came out, the heavy drapes changed for lighter ones as summer arrived. Even living in California, this was a cherished passage linked to family history in Canada and the mid-west.

When the Fall arrived, we pulled the blankets from the closets. What fun to snuggle up in the cozy comforts we had stored away for the summer.

This process doesn’t need to be expensive.


TAKE TIME to clear your head and think about what you have that would inspire you. Don’t just peruse the internet or hop in the car and head to Nieman’s……as I said before, start with what you have.

Do you have a favorite throw that sits in the Family Room?  An inherited blanket that has special meaning? A pillow in the Guest Room that you actually want in your private space? Attend to your private spaces first and the rest of the house will follow.

Truth is, I change the ‘outfit’ on my bed every week. Not by purchasing new, but with the change of sheets I combine different blankets, shams, coverlets. I will reverse or remove the dust ruffle. Fold a blanket differently at the end of the bed. Layer differently. Some of my favorites are the older pieces that are less than perfect. So out of style they are new again. Combine them with one or two new pieces for the year and voila, you are both eco and trend setting ;).

Let me encourage you to trust your gut, trust your eye….and if you love it, that’s enough.

Remember, beauty doesn’t always ‘match’….look around you at how God’s bounty mixes colors, textures, shapes & sizes. And when was the last time that bounty looked like a photo in a catalog?? Read our “About Page”….why do we believe the catalog??!!

Tomorrow (thank you blog test friends!) we will keep on this topic for some encouraging photos (that is if we can figure out how to upload them)…..

Have a safe Halloween!


As we close out this first week of posts, thank you to our “test friends”. Keep those comments and witticisms coming…you may work yourself into a guest blogger position or a full time job ;)! Much appreciated you are.

Obviously there is a lot to do and improve!

We are blessed knowing we have friends who are truthful and we will end the week with one of Ann’s favorite proverbs:

“An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips”

Until next week,

The Team at Couture Chateau




Set Trends, Delight the Eye

Check out this month’s Elle Decor. I love this magazine because it takes risk. Not content to sit back and publish rooms that are universally appealing, Elle Decor finds those niche designers and trend setters who test limits and challenge us to think differently. And have some fun in the process.

Highlights for me:

Richard Saja’s Embroidered Toile. Fabulous.

Trend Alert: Menswear…to that favored client, you know who you are…didn’t I tell ya?! Glad to have that sofa ahead of the curve.

Custom Made Mattia Bonetti cocktail table…jewelry for the room.

Fall Market 2011

This week in North Carolina is our Fall Furniture Market. More stuff than you can imagine. Good and bad. By the end of a bazillion square feet of inventory & a week with nothing but design trade people,  it kind of makes you want to fast from furniture. Is that even possible?

That said, there are some great finds. And inspiring people.

Have a look at pin boards from some designers:


The Right Wreath

A favored client checked in yesterday from Missouri. Young, hip and ready to embrace the fall, she wanted to know how to make or where to buy that elusive front door wreath.

You know, the one that doesn’t look like a plastic relic from a double wide (unless of course you are going for the Air Stream Look, which in MTV’s Santa Monica Offices works amazingly), or one that looks as if it belongs on Ralph Lauren’s front door: so massive you need two men to open the door it hangs on.

You want the wreath that is appropriate to the setting, but reflects some effort and consideration of YOUR style!

A few tips:

  •  Go REAL. Honestly, a wreath isn’t meant to last for 5 years. A wreath is ‘hanging’ fresh flowers. Welcoming, honest and indicative of someone who is paying attention to their space.
  • Start with that good old-fashioned grape-vine. Any shape will do.
  • Go to the local fresh GROCER or your local FARMERS MARKET. There you will find beautiful small pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks.
  • Add those beautiful fresh ingredients to the grape-vine, leaving 2/3 of it bare.
  • Use colored floral wire, invest in a proper glue gun and give yourself some time to experiment.
  • Don’t expect perfection.
  • Hang with something unusual: a tassel tie back, a beautiful scarf, burlap, linen or even a few layers of grosgrain ribbon.
  • Enjoy!

Couture Chateau

The concept behind Couture Chateau is simple: There is only one you. Live your life custom.

Why the blog?

After 25 years of Decorating and Designing spaces for clients, I noticed the same issue over and over. We always had to address it head on for the project to be successful. If it wasn’t the project may photograph well, but it never lived the way the client thought it would. It never satisfied what they thought they were looking for.

No matter the client, no matter the budget, no matter the social standing, no matter the access: people want a home that is uniquely theirs….but struggle mightily to let go of the bombardment of rules, dictates, societal norms, desire to matter or “get it right” and inherited baggage that plagues them and keeps them from being free to live and dwell in their own spaces.

A home, a life, is not a uniform. As such, there is no one way to decorate.

There is no life change that occurs with a “perfect grey sofa”. There is no “reuse recycle” or “eco platform” that will transform your eternal resting place. Those changes come from within.

Our spaces can enhance the life we are meant to live, but sometimes the manic desire to live perfectly according to some paradigm destroys the very spirit we need to be the best we can be.

It roots out the individual. We are left with a dull, uninspired bland interior that neither breaks a rule or sets a heart on fire. Or worse, a space so filled with stuff that we are buried alive. Neither of those are freedom.

Why do we believe the catalog?!

We hope this blog becomes a place of encouragement, laughter and freedom!

Join us on the journey. May we all find our Couture Chateau.