Frugal Friday: What Are the Best Inexpensive Home Design Resources?

Frugal Friday: What Are the Best Inexpensive Home Design Resources?

Here are SOME of my Top Go-To’s for our DIY Clients….not all of the places…just some!

1. Calico Corners Sale: Once or twice a year Calico Corners has a sale on their services. For true DIY Clients, this is a fabulous resource. They will find out what things really cost and often come RUNNING back to us ;)!! after they get their quotes. However, for the homeowner desiring retail execution of their design vision and managing it all themselves, this is a practical way to go.

2. Ikea: Check out my “Confession of an Ikea Hacker” Blog Post. I need a 12-Step Program :)!

Check out our blog post on Ikea Hacker. I will not apologize for loving this store. It sparks my creativity every time I go :)! Then I need a massage & a pair of Prada shoes…but…;)!…

3. Macy’s Furniture Outlet: I have found remarkable rugs & sofas here.

Macy’s Furniture Outlet, Union City, CA

4. Home Goods: Know what you are looking for! Major labels appear here sometimes……!

Major Labels sometimes show up at Home Goods. KNOW what to look for & you can find some deals.

5. West Elm: Great prices for great style. Yes, it’s retail, but I like their accessories. Well made & polished.

West Elm’s Cottage Pillow Cover. Sublime. $29! Cheaper than our office trip to Starbucks!

Happy Frugal Friday!

Build your Couture Chateau!

xo Ann

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