Tuesday Tidbit: Interior Decorating, My Tassel Habit

Tuesday Tidbit: Interior Decorating, My Tassel Habit

Tassel Types

If it’s sitting still, I will hang a tassel on it :)!

Fortuny Glass with Cascading Tassel

Yes, I love tassels.

Contemporary Hand Made Tassel

Counted 17 in our Studio. Big, Small, Most all of them Custom of course…

Pink Tassel with Swag 😉

Can you pronounce the French word: Passementarie? It loosely means the decorative use of trim.

Antique Gold Tassels

Even in super contemporary, clean lined, no clutter spaces, you can ALWAYS find a spot for a Tassel

A Tassel from a Site we found called Inviting Smiles! Click the pic to go to the site.

For our Full Service Clients who have closets as part of their project, we ALWAYS make signature Couture Chateau Custom Hangers….and…you guessed it…we add a tassel.

Especially fun when the Closet also has our signature Silver Leaf Lining.

Silver Leaf makes the most fabulous statement behind a rack of beautiful clothes – especially when the custom Couture Chateau Hangers have petit custom tassels!

Easy way to “couture that chateau” up?….add a tassel ;)!

Check us out on Pinterest. Yup, new to it, but it’s a start.

xo Ann

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbit: Interior Decorating, My Tassel Habit

  1. Swanky! I want my closet silver leafed! I must admit I’m not much of a tassel person, but custom hangers and the contemporary handmade tassel may change my mind!

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