Tuesday Tidbit: Perfectionism to Panic in Decorating. Three More Tips…

Tuesday Tidbit: Perfectionism to Panic in Decorating. Three More Tips…

Last week we shared three tips to keep perfectionism at bay

What happens when perfectionism (we think) is “under control” and then it morphs into panic?

Yes, panic can come in a can šŸ™‚

Not that anyone can see our panic. We get so good at hiding it.

Decorating Panic usually hides in phrases like this:

“I would naaavaaa use that….”

“OMG, she used what?! I mean ruhueaaallly, how 2003….”

“Those are so passe….but he has no idea….”

Tip # 1: Don’t give into the EMOTION of panic

There are times listening to our emotion is ok. Inside a panic decorating moment is not one of them. Let me say I know what it’s like to flip flop over the perfect shade of “insert any color here”. But giving into my emotion on those colors or fabric details just puts me in a place where I lose a week or two at a time! I try to remind myself that at some point I must decide and move on. Easier said than done – which leads me straight into tip # 2. Created so I could actually complete a decorating job on time!

Tip # 2: Set Boundaries of Time + Space for Decisions

We live in time and space. Get ruthless about setting boundaries for your decisions. And walk away. Just like your favorite tv show may leave you hanging for a week, sometimes you just have to walk away from a decorating decision to avoid panic. We get too close to “the perfect couch” and somehow believe it will change our life. It won’t. It will make it prettier, better and softer šŸ™‚ but it won’t change the whole shebang. So walk away. Get some perpective. Call one of those friends that brings you back down to earth. For heaven’s sake don’t call the friend that flips out over Prada…ok, well, maybe that’s ok, but call in another friend as well to bring you BOTH down to earth

Tip # 3: Make decisions in 7 year increments

I say this all the time. If it’s good enough for ancient Israel, then it’s good enough for me. Let your land lay “fallow” every now and then. Realize that just like your life will change, your decorating will also (I hope). Do the best you can today – for the next 6 – 7 years and then put it to bed.

Panic: sudden fear sensation that dominates & prevents REASON & LOGICAL THOUGHT

Don’t let it take you down this summer when all the decorating demons & gorgeous slip covers & gorgeous summer parties come out! šŸ™‚

I will try with you. We can do it together. And if I panic – am putting on my Prada. What say you?!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


PS: We will be transitioning over to http://www.annmcdonald.net in the next few weeks for our blog & doing some super fun things with media. Stay tuned. We are really excited, completely over booked but looking forward to walking daily along side in this messy thing called life in our new format. Will let you know when it is up & ready.

Have a great day. Never perfect, just is. xoxo

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbit: Perfectionism to Panic in Decorating. Three More Tips…

  1. You are so right about perfection! I have learned to walk away a little … it is hard, but it works and is far less painful than the panic!! Looking forward to your “new” look!! xo

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