Sunday Stewardship: Time Alone To Think…

Sunday Stewardship: Time Alone To Think…

Today I am taking the time alone to think and refresh

I am disconnecting for the day & making the drive, instead of the flight, to Los Angeles

I love to drive

It’s my recharge time

A bunch of my friends are asking why wouldn’t you just hop on the flight from Oakland?

For some reason, this week, I just want to drive

Maybe it’s the flu wearing off finally…

Maybe it’s that I just can’t handle one more airport

Maybe I do know the airline schedule from Oakland to Burbank better than some of the pilots, but I just can’t today…

So I leave my trusted Suburban in the driveway, confiscate my son’s Jeep, put on Sirius to an Inspirational Music Station & drive….

Visions of code & autoresponders fading in the distance for at least 6 hours…

What is feeding your soul today?

I love this quote. As we work and roll out these Systems & Products, the CORE MISSION in my heart & soul is to EQUIP YOU to design your life and home intentionally so you can be a blessing to those around you & live the LIFE YOUR heart & soul is telling you to live…

Did you take time to unplug?

I hope so. If not, do it now. You are SO worth it.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

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