My favorite Holiday China

Hermes Balcon China - my FAVORITE for the Holidays!

Twas the Night Before Christmas by Susan Wignet


These are some of my favorite china patterns for the Holiday Season.

  • The Hermes is GREAT for a luncheon, especially over a solid color dinner plate. It is also wonderful for parties and buffets. I LOVE this pattern as it works for July 4th as well with a blue charger or dinner plate, taking on an entirely different look.
  • The Susan Wignet is great for every day with children. It is indestructible and we still use it every season at our casual cabin. as I believe it may no longer be in production.
  • The Haviland is lovely for a more formal dinner setting without being too “theme”.

I DO like the traditional Spode, but use it more as an accent, again for our luncheons and breakfast meals. We do use these as guest towels in the bathrooms, especially at the cabin & in the powder room for fun. You can find these at BB & Beyond.

Spode Christmas

Syracuse Dinnerware by Haviland & Parlon

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