My favorite Holiday Tips

How to get that Holiday Look, but keep it fresh.

If you use fake garland or fake trees, add fresh evergreen cuttings to bring the smell and look inside – be mindful to switch them out as you would fresh flowers. Add baby’s breath or other white flowers to bring a fake tree to life as well.

Evergreen Cutting

We live in an area where the Poinsettias die if left outside. I admired a friends home up the street where hers were doing “so well”…..guess what….they were fake! She planted them in the ground – like real ones – and added boxwood & real ground cover surrounding. I now “cheat” this look in my planter boxes and on my front porch. Be careful though, you need to buy the BEST fakes you can (mine came from a Commercial Christmas Supply) and be mindful of positioning them as you would real ones. For a party, I will add real ones in the mix the day before or of if there is a strong frost coming.

Burlap was the “in thing” last season, and still has a place this one as well. It is inexpensive. Just be mindful of flames nearby as it is highly flammable.

Burlap Wreath

Large scale twigs are terrific centerpieces. Hang ornaments sparingly. I love the sparse natural style, especially in a contemporary home. For a more traditional approach, spray paint the branch white, red or gold/silver. Use sand and gravel to ground the branch in a container & go to town decorating. We used mini branches as place card holders and hung an ornament as a gift for a luncheon. Very fun, inexpensive & creative.

Tree Branch

More to come tomorrow!

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