Tuesday Tidbit: Biggest Fear In Decorating & What It Looks Like

 Tuesday Tidbit: Biggest Fear In Decorating & What It Looks Like

Today I wanted to share something I come across consistently

Especially as we are readying to re-record our last Seminar

No matter the budget, no matter the access, no matter HOW polished someone comes across (trust me on this), no matter how important or famous…we each bring small snippets of fear to our decorating decisions

Some have spent years developing highly effective ways of projecting they don’t carry fear

I call them my “Three S’s”:

1. Snob

I love how YSL puts this. Someone who is a snob is never elegant ;).

2. Snuff

When we snuff people, especially when it comes to our decorating or design decisions it just makes us look small!

3. Snide

I love how silly and yet how TRUE this is.


Tuesday Tidbit = No being a Snob, Snuffing someone or making a Snide comment about someone’s decor choices today 😉

It’s freeing! It let’s us love those in front of us for who they are!

Then, as time & access permits, we can graciously teach them or better yet learn…

One never knows which side one is REALLY on until we drop the pretense & show up with our genuine self…

May Tuesday, your most productive day so far this week, be FREE from the “Three S’s”!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

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