Tuesday Tidbit: My Yellow Habit!

Tuesday Tidbit: My Yellow Habit!

A Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond

Yesterday I shared a picture of CR Laine’s Yellow Wing Chair

Another Chair by CR Laine!

I have a serious love affair with Yellow

Yellow Carpet from Overstock

Started when I was a little girl and the Yellow and Orange Floral Sheer Drapery FLOODED my room with light as the sun shone through

I couldn’t find a picture of mine as a girl, but these are the same “type”. Overly girly. A bit much, but oh so easy and fun as a child!


50 West 67th Street…the Musician’s Building near Lincoln Center

Grew when we lived in NYC and the pale pale yellow walls with the 18″ Baseboards & 12 Foot Ceilings of a Pre-War Building barely 1 bedroom apartment called my name

An apartment on the 5th Floor…ours was on the 1st and had magnificent ceilings…

Today, I’ll take it in any shade

From the Decorologist Blog – Fabulous Yellow Console!

Any saturation

Love Yellow Roses

Any amount

LOVE this rug!

Love to the Yellow!

Harry Winston Yellow Diamond Earrings!

xo Ann

Monday Matters: Am Loving Classic Trends

Monday Matters: Am Loving Classic Trends!

Classic Trends from Jason Wu, 2011

Couture Chateau will probably never be called super trendy…

Though for the right Clients, we would use these!

We are all about building custom lives & lifestyles that enhance the individual – the “custom” in you!


Couture Chateau Private Label Custom for a more reserved Client

Whether that’s with information, design, encouragement or counsel

Design Counsel

I am loving these trends right now though…

Bentley Churchill

All Things Yellow (My Office is of COURSE Yellow!)

CR Laine

Have a Fabulous Week…what are YOUR favorite Classic Trends?!

xo Ann