Tuesday Tidbit: My Yellow Habit!

Tuesday Tidbit: My Yellow Habit!

A Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond

Yesterday I shared a picture of CR Laine’s Yellow Wing Chair

Another Chair by CR Laine!

I have a serious love affair with Yellow

Yellow Carpet from Overstock

Started when I was a little girl and the Yellow and Orange Floral Sheer Drapery FLOODED my room with light as the sun shone through

I couldn’t find a picture of mine as a girl, but these are the same “type”. Overly girly. A bit much, but oh so easy and fun as a child!


50 West 67th Street…the Musician’s Building near Lincoln Center

Grew when we lived in NYC and the pale pale yellow walls with the 18″ Baseboards & 12 Foot Ceilings of a Pre-War Building barely 1 bedroom apartment called my name

An apartment on the 5th Floor…ours was on the 1st and had magnificent ceilings…

Today, I’ll take it in any shade

From the Decorologist Blog – Fabulous Yellow Console!

Any saturation

Love Yellow Roses

Any amount

LOVE this rug!

Love to the Yellow!

Harry Winston Yellow Diamond Earrings!

xo Ann