Tuesday Tidbit: My Tiffany Blue Habit

Tuesday Tidbit: My Tiffany Blue Habit

This image is from Cup of Beautiful Blog

Love it? Leave it?

Even the binder dividers I like!

I simply love it!

Love these!

Our VIP Day Boxes are Tiffany Blue

Ok…yes, we do have grey for our male clients and white for our super contemporary clients, but I always try to start with this color!

The drape walls in my office are Pale Ice Blue (I like to think of them as subtle Tiffany Blue)

Our Studio Drapery Wall: Divides my desk from the conference table area. We can open or close off the space depending on who is in the Studio that day.

It looks great with Black, White, Red, Grey, Yellow…

Even the blanket that sits over my Office Chair is Tiffany Blue…it keeps me warm most days ;)!

Gotta have it!

xo Ann

Friday Frugal Finds….Confession of an Ikea Hacker!

Friday Frugal Finds…Confession of an Ikea Hacker!

Ikea Hackers!

Yes, we are Couture Chateau

This is the Feature Image on our Website…not exactly Ikea…;)!

Layered, Intentional Living…Custom all the way…Private Labels for YOU…

Seriously, we private label & custom make almost everything! Including the FABRIC!

However, I still love IKEA.

This is an Ikea Kitchen!

OK, I’ve lost some of you…but…look!…

THIS is actually the “hack” that stole my heart…I was so happy when it won “Hack of the Year”!

Beauty and Style are not the strongholds of the wealthy…they are strongholds of the soul

Look at this! It’s beautiful! Even if it’s not your style…you must give props to the eye that created it!

CONFIDENCE in our Design Eye is what makes it possible for us to say it’s OK to shop at Ikea

Very cool…wish the pic was better quality, but still…you get the jist!

Seriously…do YOU have enough confidence to buck the “prevailing thought” and TRUST your eye?

Fun. Real life living for a family…

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xo Ann