Friday Frugal Finds: Couture Chateau Designer Clearance Sale September 14th Online. 4 Days Only.

Friday Frugal Finds: Couture Chateau’s can have Frugal Finds

Grab your Kate Spade and plan to join us online!

It’s the Mid-West in my blood!

Yes I am from the literal middle of nowhere! Where cows roam and if someone says they do “diversified farming” it means “wheat, cattle & oil”…never underestimate The Middle! 😉

We have been photographing for our 2012 Designer Clearance Sale on September 14th, 2012 which runs for FOUR DAYS ONLY

Just a few of the items! There are SO MANY MORE!

Access to the Sale on Friday is for our E-Mail Mailing List & Blog Followers ONLY, it opens to all on Saturday thru Monday

Original Framed Saturday Evening Post Covers with Mailing Labels Still Attached!

 If you are not a Blog Follower – Make Sure and Opt In!

Everything from Quirky to Conservative! There are two of these Gothic Candlesticks in a Very Fun Color as well…

More fun photos & information this weekend…stay tuned!

xo Ann