Tuesday Tidbit: My (lowercase p) plaid Habit

Tuesday Tidbit: My (lower case p) plaid Habit

I hesitate to share this habit I have for plaid…because there is an Emperor of Tartan…and his name is Scot – as in Scot Meecham Wood

I will call it plaid (lowercase p) for today in deference as I am a serious admirer of Scot’s talent with (Uppercase T) Tartan!

There are not many Designers who can skillfully master using this in custom spaces without making it look like a Marie Callender’s from 1970

Scot has what must be an ordained from on high way with the nuances of scale & pattern…& one heck of an installer…

I mean seriously…do you KNOW how hard this is to get right?! http://smwdesign.com/

Don’t believe me?

Our Sheldon, aka “Fabulous Beast” would look terrific in this.

Try it!!

Designer trying to use plaid well? DIY Person? 2 Couture Chateau “must do’s” for custom plaid drapery: Interlining & Hand Hemming.

The interlining prevents sag & keeps the plaid hanging well, especially important with pattern match. Use a lightweight one if needed & the hand hem? Well…I just love a hand hem 🙂

I’d like my drink now ;)!. Image linked. Beaux Mondes Designs

 I like it pink & loud: So fun for a custom teen room or studio office

How fun. (Source: thomasfleming, via giveitawhirl)

And sometimes full of vinegar

It’s the POW-er of plaid that makes it fun. It does the same in a home space. So instead of wearing it, we customize it into a fantastic piece for a client who understands…the custom fur piping on a plaid Queen Anne chair in the Aspen Home. Divine with a book. Thank you Michael Kors! And yes, I’ll take the boots ;).

So (p)laid & (T)artan…

I love this Oscar De La Renta piece…found it on Shrimpton Couture…AFTER it was sold ;(…

Here’s to making it current. Here’s to customizing your home with pop of pattern.

But please –  before you (or I for that matter) use it in a space…

I mean…how fun!

take a lesson from the Master. And “For the Record”…am glad there’s a curator out there who scans the world for people skilled enough to install it!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™”

xo Ann