Monday Matters: It’s High Point Week = Fantastic All Around

Monday Matters: It’s High Point Week = Fantastic All Around

Twice a year High Point, North Carolina hosts “Market”

What is it?

About 7 billion (ok, I exaggerate just a bit) square feet of must see, must hear stuff

New Market Introductions

Design Seminars

Featured Celebrity Guests

It’s actually really fun. Exhausting, but fun.

Stay tuned this week as I try to bring some of the highlights you might like by way of my friends (who I am missing!!) who are there. I am knee deep in recording some additional tracks for Decorate Like A Pro System & some interviews for the blog. Sad to miss but have my feelers out everywhere.

Traci Zeller has a new fabric line coming out

Traci’s new fabric line

Lisa Mende is speaking

Lisa Mende won last years Style Spotter.

Tobi is touring people to some of her hot spots

it is kind of a week long Golden Globes party!


Monday Matters. While my pals are heeling it up, I am “head setting it up” to make sure I stay focused on what I am supposed to stay focused on. That can be hard sometimes. We want to be all things to all people.

What’s your week look like? I hope, it looks like YOU!

It was hard for me to say no to Market. I was afraid I’d miss too much…but then I realized this week needed to look like “me”.

Hard to do, right? I know!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann


If you want to follow what goes on at Market, #HPMkt is the twitter hash tag. Hoot suite that puppy up and you can follow the conversation. I will try to bring you a sneak peek of some behind the scenes stuff via my friends when I take breaks from the recording we are working on this week.