Tuesday Tidbit: We Love Tweed in Home Furnishings!

Tuesday Tidbit: We Love Tweed in Home Furnishings!

Ralph Lauren Tweed Fabric

We love using Tweed in Home Furnishings. Above is Ralphs Fabric…does anything look familiar below?

As Fabulous on Shams as it is as a Suit !

I like Tweed because it gives dimension without overpowering pattern…subtle but classic!

Subtle Texture, Subtle Pattern…LOVE it!

What is your Tuesday Tidbit on Tweed? Love it or leave it?

xo Ann

Sunday Stewardship: Real Life Living, A Teenage Boy’s Bedroom, Three “Generations” of Furnishings

Sunday Stewardship: Real Life Living, A Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

Creating a space with Three Generations of Furnishings: Antique, Retro & Modern or New

NONE of which is inherited…and ALL of which is still “in progress”

Real Life: A Teenage Boy’s Room

I think it is so important to share transparently how we live as Designers and Design as Designers for our own Family

A Family!

Stewardship involves a component of TEACHING the next generation to appreciate & enjoy all types and styles of stuff

1. MODERN: New Headboard from Couture Chateau’s Custom Collection, Made in North Carolina by Bentley Churchill

Couture Chateau’s Custom Headboard Made in North Carolina, by Bentley Churchill, Perfectly Sized to Match the Retro Shelving

2. RETRO: Open Shelving Giving the Space a bit of whimsy from the 1970’s

Not exactly like what we found, but I like this one also.

We went shopping for the shelving we found for his room at Consignment Stores. Because the space is small, the 1970’s  wall mounted “Model Home” Shelving is perfect. Kind of the Brady Bunch meets That 70’s Show…very fun. Don’t take it too seriously – teach them to “Mix it up”!

3. ANTIQUE: A drop front Desk

Antique Drop Front Desk, Similar to the one pictured

Practical because it hides his stuff – AND gives him a not so subtle appreciation for working in style.

And to make you feel better – not even a Designer’s kid can make the bed so the plaid on the Ralph Blanket lines up perfectly!

Here’s to REAL LIFE LIVING – Sunday Stewardship Style…

xo Ann

Tuesday Tidbit: Herringbone Habit

I love custom

Custom Herringbone Mosaic Tile

Herringbone is still all the rage

Herringbone describes a distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern usually found in twill fabric. It is distinguished from a plain chevron by the break at reversal, which makes it resemble a broken zigzag. The pattern is called herringbone because it resembles the skeleton of a herring fish.

Here are some of the ways we are using it

HB Paint Party!

Not just for walls

Glass textile acoustical wallcovering
Glass textile wallcovering

Not just for fabric

Seriously Fab from Spoonflower, it’s Brown Vacumn Tube Fabric!

On Floors

Couture Chateau Custom Antique Hand Laid Herringbone Floors

Herringbone Custom Floors

In Furniture

Custom Couture Chateau Herringbone Inlay Table

Happy Herringbone!

xo Ann