Saturday Stuff: Setting the Precedent for Honor in our Homes

Saturday Stuff: Setting the Precedent for Honor in our Homes

As we grieve the tragedies around us, hope remains

Hope and Honor begin in our Homes

Detail Christmas Tree

Around our tables, on our sofas, in our conversations…

How we steward those we love, how we steward how we live

In my youth I worried that as a Decorator or Designer I wasn’t curing cancer or changing the world…that somehow what we did didn’t matter

It couldn’t be further from the truth

As you and I design & build our custom lives, may we rest assured that we set the precedent for honor in our homes.

It matters.

The tone for joy and delight, hope in the face of all life hands us begins at home

For today, be intentional about YOUR life, your blessings

I am grateful for you

We want to equip you, walk along side you as you create an intentional life from a place of safety, order and beauty

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann