Wednesday Style Points: Ooh! Webinar Recording Today

Style Points: Ooh! Webinar Recording Today, I think…

Oh, a headset!

I can honestly say I NEVER thought you’d find me in a gaming headset. But apparently that is what a professional uses to record webinars. My hair isn’t cooperating, there is no stylist on board today ;)…just my slightly cantecerous pugs…but I am having some silly fun

Oh, a power point! That records!

This is about what I look like. Add cute shoes though. Recording Module 1.

It’s amazing what happens when we hire professionals in areas we are over our head in. I should know this of course, it’s how my Clients share their excitement with us when we come in, crew & team, to Decorate.

Today I am on the other side.

It’s not until the afternoon, I don’t do much well in the morning…

But today, it’s all about style points for the techno nerd inside of me

I actually thought I should put some cool glasses on just for fun! Don’t wear them, but…some readers in red could look great with my heels! These from Rubell’s Antiques. Image linked.

(I had no idea she existed!)

A Techno Nerd can still wear fabulous shoes however…

Today is a Tod’s Beige Pump day…


So today, working on ensemble style points while recording. Navy pants with black satin side stripe…navy cashmere sweater & Tods. Simple + Hardworking Classic, yes?

The WORK part: All about those Decorating Systems, Decorating Principles & especially ‘How To’ with Retail Product.

Actual Systems designed to make life easier. Can I say that again? Make. Life. Easier.

Universal + Customizable

Style Points. What are your wardrobe & work & life ones today?!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann