Monday Matters: Spring Break Around The House

Monday Matters: Spring Break Around The House

Do you take a Spring Break when kids are gone?

Is it a vacation or an “around the house” type thing?

This past week many close to me were off building houses with Amor Ministries in Mexico. As I listened to their stories, I am reminded how important our spaces & places are. Grateful to be a part of this industry…

Do you do those house cleaning, design refreshing things when they leave?

I wonder…

I know my single friends are great at scheduling time both for themselves and for their breaks

I learn from them daily to steward the “me”

(Thank you, you know who you are:)

This does not come easily for a Kansas Born, California Bred girl

So this past week I forced myself to “Break” in the middle of it all

A few days in Lake Tahoe with enough design work to keep me engaged but not so much that my husband and I couldn’t catch a glass of wine & a beer on tap at a local tavern

It was just what the Dr ordered

So what about you?

This Monday, have you taken a Spring Break?

Did it refresh you?

Are you ready to face the Spring now?

Love this. A gentle start. Reminds me we must be careful with our “new growth”….stewarding those around us and ourselves in areas of new growth is important…it matters

Let me know!!

Time to dust off the rest of those cobwebs, fluff the pillows, open up the windows, change the slip covers…

It may be raining & windy here in SF, but it is Spring somewhere & we are after it!!

Monday Matters & so do YOU.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


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