Wednesday Style Points…My Messy Pile Desk!

So I am a  MESSY  Pile Worker

Pig pen!

However, I am an ORGANIZED Pile Maker…does that make sense?

A “messy” desk but “ordered” piles!

Other “creatives” may get that way of working…

Charlottte Moss at her Desk

I like my Desk to have nice things under the piles

This is the Desk I have in my Studio Office

Here are my some things that keep me “In Style” and at least partially organized

The top is actually covered with pale blue silk & a glass top which allows me to slip important notes & ideas underneath for easy reference!

Lucite Letter Opener – I love opening old fashioned mail with a beautiful letter opener!

Horn (Imitation of course!) Pencil Holder

3 Lb Weights – Great for holding my piles in place & using when I’m on a phone call or the day gets stressful!

What I like about my desk is that it’s like my clients, friends & projects…a little bit of this, a little bit of that…

Famed Potter from the SF Bay Area (now deceased) Sorcha Boru, two of her vases hold my collection of colored pencils

Nothing quite matches and nothing is the same…but it all works TOGETHER!

It’s a mini “couture chateau”!

Happy Wednesday.

What does your desk look like?!