Monday Matters: Labor Day

Monday Matters: Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

What do you Labor and Toll at?

Our Studio Space is a mess as we prepare for our Sale…we are laboring to make it right for our friends…!…

Do you feel rewarded for your efforts?

Sometimes this is how we feel…we work long hours and get a “raisin pay”….our heart is to always give the best away to those who work alongside us!

We wanted to take today to say THANK YOU to those who WORK ALONGSIDE US at Couture Chateau

I have always loved this image…it is humble, honoring to work and reminds me that every stitch matters…”Young Woman Sewing, The Artist’s Sister Anna Hammerchøi,” by Vilhelm Hammerchøi, oil on canvas, 37 by 35 centimeters, 1887

We are NOTHING without the skilled men and women who are EXCELLENT at their trade

An Upholstery Shop

We believe in compensating them WELL for their CONTRIBUTION to our lives and homes

Fair Trade…in the USA, it means we use well compensated local workrooms that are as small and local as we can source. It is our belief that skill is a gift and a gift should never be treated as something disposable. Gifts should be honored and rewarded. We are grateful for the gifts our tradesmen and women bring to the table so that we might furnish beautiful spaces for you!

Happy Labor Day!

xo Ann

Sunday Stewardship: Time to Take Care of Self

Sunday Stewardship: Time to Take Care of Self

The self…how do you see yourself? Love this picture ;)!

Do you love having a long weekend

I like this picture of the hard hat for Labor Day…symbolic of working on ourselves as well…

Sometimes Stewardship is about REST

That sleeping Lion…

Our Spaces – our Couture Chateau’s need to be places & spaces that can NURTURE us

My Family Room Coffee Table…I always feel safe in this room…a glass of wine with friends in the evening doesn’t hurt!

even as grown ups

A Couture Chateau corner in a Client’s home…a place to sit and relax…get ready for the world…

Here’s to a Sunday of Stewarding our SELVES

I love reading books on Sunday afternoon…rain or shine…it calms me for the week…

So WE (You and I) can make our contribution to the world from a place of Safety, Order & Beauty!

Let’s build YOUR Couture Chateau…some of our fabric bolts beautifully piled together on a Couture Chateau settee…like our lives…pieces piled together to make us who we are!

xo Ann