Monday Matters: Fall Decorating Projects…Vintage Trove Style

Monday Matters: Fall Decorating Project, Vintage Trove Style

What a blessed few days with Joss and Main.

This sale is over, but am hopeful there will be more.

Here is one of our pieces from the sale: Mid Century Ice Bucket. Original Wood Handle. I love this piece and it found a wonderful home via Joss and Main.

Wanted to share a few photos. How exactly do you use this stuff?!

Here is the vintage ice bucket in a photo shoot for a feature slated November, 2012. What I love about vintage is the custom past these items bring with them to the table. I think there’s something fun about an ice bucket that has “lived” through some amazing parties…and now it brings that fun to your home!

Sometimes it’s hard to visualize.

Sometimes we see a column like this in a sale and have no idea what to do with it! What I love about different personalities is the possibilities are endless.

How does an antique column fragment work for someone who lives like this?

I believe antique architectural fragments add dimension. Use them as candle holders as book ends…use them anywhere…so much more interesting than a brand new bowl.

For someone who loves the Pottery Barn Look?

Another example from Pottery Barn. How fun to use a custom piece for your home instead of all store bought. No one will have the exact same item.

Here is an Antique Child’s Rocker we had available. Original finish, hand caning.

From an early age I was taught that rooms should always have a chair for young people. It makes them feel welcome. Antiques with hand tied original cane seat are a delightful addition to any room, contemporary or traditional. The finish is original but it has been re-glued for stability.

Have a look. How fun to place in a room like this one.

I LOVE this pic of Ralph. I can “see” that child’s rocker anywhere in this space. The room is collected, comfortable and is made for people to dwell in. There is no worship at the altar of “sterility”. That = real life living. Divine.

Or this!

I do love seeing the Child’s Rocker in this room

How do you use those meaningful accessory items?

Let’s have a great week together.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Frugal Friday: Couture Chateau on Joss and Main Vintage Trove Today!!

Frugal Friday: Couture Chateau on Joss and Main Vintage Trove Today!!

Sign up for the sale HERE:

We are so excited! I honestly never thought this day would come. Having a grateful moment this morning.

Thank you to all my friends (KIM!) (Faryn!) who walk along side and teach me. We thrive in community.

Today on Joss and Main, Couture Chateau is honored to be part of Vintage Trove

Two of the items pictured above are from us, can you guess?

Hint: I love jars….and all things French…and Italian…and…

Italian Tole Lamps. Tole refers to painted , enameled or lacquered decorative metal, usually tin plate. These lamps are my favorite. Whimsical with original shades. Some repair needed on shades, but to even have the cardboard shades when they are close to 100 years old is remarkable. I hope they find a happy home! Made in Italy.

I have always sourced and sold Antique and Vintage pieces.

Absolutely LOVE scouring for fabulous product. The quirky, the overlooked, the “need love” pieces.

Gorgeous Acquired Set, Queen Anne Chairs. Delightfully quirky and beautiful. Reversible cushions held on with tassel ties. Original finish.

Hope you can find a delightful item to brighten your home.

Happy Hunting!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Thought Trails & Sunday Sneak Peeks: Building that Custom Life One Design Choice at a Time

Thought Trials & Sunday Sneak Peeks: Building that Custom Life One Design Choice at a Time

Thought Trails….

A: Grateful. And thankful. And kind of tired.

B: You are my Luxury (value + care + intent).

C: We borrow & (value) insight, We share victories, We loan (care about) perspective, We give each other sound (intentional) counsel.

Sneak Peeks….

A: My teenage son stopped by our Studio Photo Set up the other day and said “Christmas?!”…..then ate one of the brownies slated for a close up shot.

Yum, he said.

Our caterer did such a great job making the “photo shoot” brownies that one was snatched by a teenage son…

Ummmmm, I said….

Let’s call the Sneak Peek Feature “Luxury Custom…where (value + care + intent) is the Formula, not Pocketbook”. November roll out.

Any guesses? 1st one to “guess correct” at the contents of this photo (reply in comments) will receive a Couture Chateau Label Lined Pillow! (Retail $375-$450).

B: Monday (tomorrow) 10/15: We are Guest Posting on Custom Made’s Blog…”My Top Three Myths About Purchasing Custom” by Ann McDonald

Tomorrow: My Top Myths About Purchasing Custom

C: Friday 10/19: Joss & Main Vintage & Market Finds Sale

Joss and Main: Vintage & Market Finds              Friday, October 19th

Have a great day. Rest it up. You matter. And are needed for the unique talent you bring to the world.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Friday Frugal Finds: Couture Chateau Designer Clearance Sale September 14th Online. 4 Days Only.

Friday Frugal Finds: Couture Chateau’s can have Frugal Finds

Grab your Kate Spade and plan to join us online!

It’s the Mid-West in my blood!

Yes I am from the literal middle of nowhere! Where cows roam and if someone says they do “diversified farming” it means “wheat, cattle & oil”…never underestimate The Middle! 😉

We have been photographing for our 2012 Designer Clearance Sale on September 14th, 2012 which runs for FOUR DAYS ONLY

Just a few of the items! There are SO MANY MORE!

Access to the Sale on Friday is for our E-Mail Mailing List & Blog Followers ONLY, it opens to all on Saturday thru Monday

Original Framed Saturday Evening Post Covers with Mailing Labels Still Attached!

 If you are not a Blog Follower – Make Sure and Opt In!

Everything from Quirky to Conservative! There are two of these Gothic Candlesticks in a Very Fun Color as well…

More fun photos & information this weekend…stay tuned!

xo Ann