Stewardship Sunday: Oh, Which Holiday Stuff to Use & Which to Toss

Stewardship Sunday: Oh, Which Holiday Stuff to Use & Which to Lose

It’s that time

Thanksgiving fades & Christmas Decor slowly makes its way from the Sheds

I like this sweet flurry of activity

Unpacking Christmas at our Side Door Studio Door

A grumble from two teenage sons as they gather lights & extension cords

My heart chooses to believe they secretly like it. Smiles & laughter eventually make their way back with the boxes & the boys.

Yes, I still ask them to do it

No, I do not hire it out

(Though I can see the day coming)

Stewardship. It’s a necessary part of building a custom life. We need to equip the next gen in stewardship. Not always easy.

My Journey:

Years ago after a decade of accumulation & passing parents I had amassed the equivalent of a Village of Decor

At the time, my assistant and I thought – oh, it can’t be THAT bad

Ha! When we spread out every single item, it was awful. I felt like I needed to fast & repent.

We purged & purged, donated & trashed


Custom Paint for a Custom Tree for a Client. It fits who they are TODAY.

Each season since I have instituted a similar routine

Not everything comes up for review each year now but I am struck by how MUCH we carry in our Custom Baggage. It weighs us down.

It is ok to LET GO of an ugly family ornament & KEEP the vintage wrapping paper I like

It is ok to LET GO of a tattered heirloom & KEEP one I buy today

Here it is: Designer Permission to Purge those Decorations that don’t ADD to who YOU are TODAY

YOU are building your Custom Life. Your custom memories. Take charge and only Decorate with what you love.

It’s ok to wander between austere years & traditional abundance

I went over the top this year with a tree in our entry hall because I was craving the traditional

Last year it was twigs & minimal

I love the austere. It doesn’t work for me this year, but for one Client, it does. These custom painted tree parts belong to one of our Custom Christmas Trees featured on ivillage. The client is young, hip and delighted in the time it took to create. Many hands for many weeks. Yet simple.

& that’s ok

It took me years to realize this simple truth:

Stewardship is a PROCESS not a THING

Stewardship is bringing the Decor from the shed NOT the Decor

Stewardship is hanging the lights NOT the lights

This simple realization equipped me to let go. It was a lightbulb moment for a Designer who ekes out a living in this stuff.

I used to think it WAS the ornament. It’s not. Because if the ornament breaks….

Stewardship Sunday: Make it yours. Be fearless. Let go. Be present. Today.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann