Thursday Spotlight: 2 Simple Tips to Grand Thanksgiving Style

Thursday Spotlight: 2 Simple Tips to Grand Thanksgiving Style

Thanksgiving upon us

Wish I could “bend & snap” my Table + Home Decor into existence

But even with helpers…no avail…

Why I like SIMPLE + PRACTICAL counsel = real STYLE

Here are my Top 2 Simple Tips to achieve Grand Thanksgiving Style

1. Go with multiples. LOTS of multiples.

Curious Country Creations. Martha viewers already know. What I am saying is that Grand doesn’t have to be Ormolu…tho I do have a place in my heart for that ;)…

One of my clients this season is using wheat stalks. Tied, varying heights + locations. Placed in tole cachepots which have pride of place all year long, the multiple component is what makes it look grand.

Another simple multiple = white pumpkins

I know, you’ve seen it done. THE POINT = groupings by color + type work! Even an old collection of tacky pilgrims can be staged well on a table if they are all spray painted ivory & stripped of their cheesy clothing! Grand is a visual read. Small spaces can be entirely grand. This image from Home Ideas Design.

2. 21″ Wide Geo Mesh

Seriously fabulous stuff

It’s miracle cream for the home decor business


The visual is a simple pencil skirt + top in a matching color with statement necklace.

Ribbon = outfit

Multiples = statement necklace.

My color this season? Pale Yellow + Raffia with Gold

These work with the colors in my own home + transition Thanksgiving to New Years. Notice the price? $10 per roll. Sweet.

Offray is my favorite brand, but any brand will do.

 There you have it. 2 Simple Tips.

Cool Part? If you are behind the 8 ball…there is still time to pull this off nicely 😉

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann