Monday Matters: Making A House A Home

Monday Matters: Making A House A Home

I have been trying to practice what I preach and let me tell you, I stink at it!

“Turn your phone off”

“Turn the game off”

“Read a book”

“Walk the dogs”

All the while I am glued to my phone, rooting for my basketball teams, checking out HGTV instead of a good book & throwing a ball in the hall way for the pugs instead off walking them up the hill 🙂

The mirror isn’t kind this Monday Morning…

BUT, there is hope

Why? Because sometimes it’s those things that are slightly out of whack – those vulnerabilities – those “real life transparency” issues that our Children, Pets & Spouses live through with us that shows us if our House….is just a house or if it is really a HOME…

Let me explain a bit:

Monday Morning I always try to re-set for the week

Get those calendars tightened, make the calls, check the orders…plan the schedules…

But coming off a weekend of slight chaos from Junior Prom, to Junior Day at Cal, to tech issues DAY & NIGHT on the computers in the office, I was really struck by how we were all rather off kilter by Sunday afternoon…throw in church (are we always late?!), some spilled coffee & it was not my finest moment – let’s just say moments…

But what kept us all in check?

What kept ME in check?

Our imperfect house held us safe – it was our HOME where we (I) kept returning & getting our (my) balance on…

Not my house but I like this space. It looks safe, easy to engage & cozy. I could curl up here in heels or slippers! Image linked.

Our home was safe for me this weekend. It was beautifully imperfectly ordered to catch our (my) disorder…

This is our family room coffee table. This weekend? No wine or cheese, but there were cleats & magazines piled...real life living...

This is our family room coffee table. This weekend? No wine or cheese, but there were cleats & tech magazines piled…real life living…

I don’t mean it is perfect, it is not

I mean it CAUGHT us after a chaotic weekend as a place we could retreat & recharge

Nap & Nuggle & watch some basketball for the pure joy of it

( Nuggle: What a pug does when you nap…a pug nuggles you )

There is nothing like a dog for an afternoon snuggle when you need a boost…

It humbled me

I am passionate about making Houses into HOMES because it is a blessing and a gift & because HOMES can change lives

I know it is not that way for everyone & I so want it to be…

I am grateful & moved

So this Monday, I am just embracing the joy of the everyday chaos moment

I believe it is what makes our houses HOMES. They catch us when we fall. They hold the JOY in those everyday moments.

Like this, especially for a Monday Morning.

May your week be filled with everyday moments of JOY

May at least some small corner of your house…be HOME to you

May it hold you & keep you safe

May it equip you to go forth and change the world

Monday matters & so do you.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


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Saturday Studio Time: Curating the Calendar, Customizing the Experience

Saturday Studio Time: Curating the Calendar, Customizing the Experience

So, Saturday we try to stay away from the Studio….

especially because it’s in my home

Family Time + Fresh Air = SANITY

However, sometimes, you just need time to curate the calendar

Curate = Look up the original meaning…nice!


1. Beneficial.

Over scheduled + Stress + Deadlines = Mess (Personal & Work)

My work piles = messy. This was the loading section for a shoot a while back. Not lined up, organized, but not “tidy”. I have delightful designer friends who have offices akin to surgical rooms. The Brain God gave me does not naturally bend that way…I have to discipline it into obedience!!…

For me, a naturally messy worker, papers piled high, stuff surrounding my work space…curating transforms my November & December. It is not easy, trust me. So I walk along side you, coffee in hand…and say, I KNOW…it’s hard, but it simply HAS to be done.

2. Goals = Achievable.

We have now taken approximately 3 weeks to prep, install & photograph a Holiday Feature. Whew. If we hadn’t cleared the decks for a bit it never would have happened. And I HAD to eat my words last week, because I hadn’t planned ENOUGH. It’s a process ;)! Always give yourself 3x the hours you think a project will take. Be pleasantly surprised if you finish early!

3. Leaves room for “Custom Life Experiences” to unfold

Each November + December, I crave hedges. Absolutely nothing scheduled. There is something so delightful about finding yourself with enough time to “think + be” instead of rushing out to shop or frantically decorating last minute.

What can you CURATE today to leave room for your “custom” Nov + Dec?

Your Home?

Your Calendar?

Your Family?

Your DIY Projects?

Your SELF?

For me today = my November & December Calendar

“No” is a complete sentence

FORCING myself to leave some blanks

Leaving doors open just because

what is your open door?

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann