Sunday Stewardship: Find Your Life Envelope; So We Can Steward The Design Part Easily!

Sunday Stewardship: Find Your Life Envelope™ So We Can Steward The Design Part Easily!


It’s all about making sure you take your ten talents & make 10 more

I know YOU have talents. And gifts. And fears. And HOPES. And DREAMS.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and can’t cut through the noise to create a meaningful life?

Do you ever wish you could take back the reigns of your life & really DESIGN it so you have no regrets 10, 20 even 60 years from now?

I know I do

I know my clients have

The core of my Design Business has always been about building a COUTURE LIFESTYLE.

Sure we pick the right sofa (remember the Frasier example)

But the process is about equipping to take control of our homes, intentionally, so we can live out the life we are called to live. Where ever you and I live. From India to Canada, US to China…UAE to France…it matters not.

If we are to live a life of meaning, it must be intentional.

But it must be OUR – YOUR intentional. Not the catalogs, or the prevailing wisdom, or current trend.

Check out my video on our new Design Systems Simplified Products. THIS is what I am working on.  It’s the process that equips us to get there. I hope it excites you the way it excites me.

It’s all about cutting through the noise of life and getting to WHO you are, WHERE you are and designing your custom life from there. Whether it’s an apartment or a 22,000 square foot home.

Design Systems Simplified. Come on the journey with me. For the first time ever, I am opening these very private doors and sharing the soul behind the brand. I created this company because I needed to live it. May it bless & equip you, may I have the honor and privilege of walking shoulder to shoulder as we discover YOUR custom Life Envelope™ so you can get on with the living.

If you are interested in our products & services after watching the video, email me:

These new to market “Design Systems” will not be publicly available until after March. Our Full Service Clients use them every day.

Our mailing list is small and intentional. Our mailing list includes those who want to make a difference with their life. I hope it includes you.

 “Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann


Mission: To EQUIP those in an overwhelmed world to design their homes & lives with intent and purpose so they can live the custom life they are called to

How: simple repeatable scalable systems designed from 20 years in the trenches of luxury interior design

Stewardship Sunday: Day of Mental Rest, What’s Your “Garland”?

Stewardship Sunday: Day of Mental Rest, What’s Your “Garland”?

Designing and Living a Custom Life is a process

The spaces & places we inhabit contribute a great deal to who we are, who we want to be and how we develop

My Grandmother's First Book...inscribed in her cursive "First Book, Christmas 1916" it sits in my Living Room during this time of year near a Child Friendly Petit Bench so little ones feel welcome

Inscribed in Grandmother’s cursive “First Book, Christmas 1916” this Annual rests near an Antique Petit Bench. It reminds me life is process & doesn’t have to be perfect. Confession? I like it perfect…especially during the Holiday Season but daily let it go…

December = everything & every design on display

It can be hard to “be the real you” when there are a billion “decorating demands” surrounding family traditions, community expectations & our own self imposed Martha Moments

There is no mental time to figure out what we really want for our Custom Life!

Do I even want a Holiday Rug at my front door?

Holiday Rug at Front Door? Not really my gig...but I have friends who love them. Each year I think...oh, I need one...but really? I don't. Doesn't go with my house, my design or my real life...

Holiday Rug at Front Door? For some reason each year I think…oh, I should have one made. If I don’t take time to mentally rest, I can’t make a clear headed design decision!

Am I sure I need my custom snowflakes hanging from every beam in my house?

The snowflake plastic prototypes on the fence's garland......if I use them on the entire fence I will need over that practical? No...not this season...

The snowflake prototypes on the fence’s garland……if I use them on the entire fence I will need over 100…practical? Without mental rest, I can’t decide…

We attempt to get our homes in order and keep them in order in case a friend (or even UPS) stops by. God forbid we don’t have the wreath up & the bows all tied…

Mental Rest. Need it. Crave it.

My Example: garland

Hanging the rest of it. Yup. Clogs, muddy from the rain, but cute beanie & scarf trudging…

Plaid Banana Republic Scarf - why does it matter what we wear when we decorate?? It just does!!

Plaid Banana Republic Scarf – why does it matter what we wear when we decorate?? It just does!!

Something about the process works for me.

Enough effort = accomplishment

Not so much that I start flipping out over some other Custom Design Element that should be added

Today, what’s your “garland”?

Make sure it’s something that will move you one step closer to living out the next 30 days in peace.

Sunday Stewardship = You

Your creative self will be thrilled to have some actual thinking time

A clear brain = YOU decide if you want a Holiday Rug

Because it’s YOUR home & YOUR life


“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Stewardship Sunday: Oh, Which Holiday Stuff to Use & Which to Toss

Stewardship Sunday: Oh, Which Holiday Stuff to Use & Which to Lose

It’s that time

Thanksgiving fades & Christmas Decor slowly makes its way from the Sheds

I like this sweet flurry of activity

Unpacking Christmas at our Side Door Studio Door

A grumble from two teenage sons as they gather lights & extension cords

My heart chooses to believe they secretly like it. Smiles & laughter eventually make their way back with the boxes & the boys.

Yes, I still ask them to do it

No, I do not hire it out

(Though I can see the day coming)

Stewardship. It’s a necessary part of building a custom life. We need to equip the next gen in stewardship. Not always easy.

My Journey:

Years ago after a decade of accumulation & passing parents I had amassed the equivalent of a Village of Decor

At the time, my assistant and I thought – oh, it can’t be THAT bad

Ha! When we spread out every single item, it was awful. I felt like I needed to fast & repent.

We purged & purged, donated & trashed


Custom Paint for a Custom Tree for a Client. It fits who they are TODAY.

Each season since I have instituted a similar routine

Not everything comes up for review each year now but I am struck by how MUCH we carry in our Custom Baggage. It weighs us down.

It is ok to LET GO of an ugly family ornament & KEEP the vintage wrapping paper I like

It is ok to LET GO of a tattered heirloom & KEEP one I buy today

Here it is: Designer Permission to Purge those Decorations that don’t ADD to who YOU are TODAY

YOU are building your Custom Life. Your custom memories. Take charge and only Decorate with what you love.

It’s ok to wander between austere years & traditional abundance

I went over the top this year with a tree in our entry hall because I was craving the traditional

Last year it was twigs & minimal

I love the austere. It doesn’t work for me this year, but for one Client, it does. These custom painted tree parts belong to one of our Custom Christmas Trees featured on ivillage. The client is young, hip and delighted in the time it took to create. Many hands for many weeks. Yet simple.

& that’s ok

It took me years to realize this simple truth:

Stewardship is a PROCESS not a THING

Stewardship is bringing the Decor from the shed NOT the Decor

Stewardship is hanging the lights NOT the lights

This simple realization equipped me to let go. It was a lightbulb moment for a Designer who ekes out a living in this stuff.

I used to think it WAS the ornament. It’s not. Because if the ornament breaks….

Stewardship Sunday: Make it yours. Be fearless. Let go. Be present. Today.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann