Saturday Stuff: Springtime At Your Home

Saturday Stuff: Springtime At Your Home

I hope yesterday, Good Friday, was a blessed day for you + yours

May this be a blessing to you. May it cover you as we head into the Spring.

I hope the rest of this weekend is a time of celebration for you + yours

If this is a time of struggle for you, may you know comfort + care from my heart to yours


If this is a time of joy for you, lets dance together

Happy Easter + Passover Week

Blessings + Protection

What is your Spring time hope for your home space?

What are you thinking about as the weather (hopefully) near you starts to lighten?

Are you pulling out some slipcovers?

Freshening up some flower beds?

Gorgeous. Image Linked.

Pondering a new side table or chair?

Do tell!

We’d like to share in the celebration of Springtime at Home!!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


PS: Pay it Forward. That’s my motto for this upcoming April! If you have one, do share!!