Frugal Friday: Ah, The Joys of Code…Kind of Like Decorating…

Frugal Friday: Ah, The Joys of Code…Kind of Like Decorating!

So if you’ve wondered where we have been this week – why we missed yesterday and are a tad late today, blame it on the “bug”

No, not my flu – though the voice is STILL gone much to the joy & delight of everyone in my house & office :)….

You will be happy to know we are immersed in code, as in computer code

We are preparing to launch our first PUBLIC Information Products under the banner of “Ann McDonald” and are attempting to get the proverbial House in Order so that things don’t go buggy…

Decorate Like A Pro Package Image

Let’s just say the speaker phone in the office has been used 24-7 on those live chat hotlines, my DEAR friends in Mastermind have been GRACIOUSLY testing, entering emails, sending me the exact email they get back…Ditto Ann & Christina…my 20 something hip “in” testers one from the heart of NYC & one from the heart of SF who are honest!! You guys deserve the world…

oh the joys of “error 404”!

Smile. Call Tech.


Smile. Call Tech again. Pretend not to hear the nice young gentleman on the other end roll his eyes…it’s Ann McDonald and her Team again…..

Smile. Pray. Drink more coffee.

Frugal Friday? Why here? Because in the interest of keeping YOUR costs down, I am trying to keep OUR costs down.

May today be a blessing to you.

Here’s the QUESTION of the Day:

What is /%postname%/

IF you answer that in the comments correctly…I will probably offer you a job…!

Deciphering & using code properly is kind of like Decorating. There is a ton of mess in the underbelly & on the public face it’s all pretty & user friendly!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Thursday Spotlight: Module 1, Round 2

Thursday Spotlight: Our First Module, Round 2

Yesterday, I recorded part of our First Module in Webinar Form

This morning, more recording & some edits

This First Webinar will end up between 6 – 8 Modules, each lasting an hour + Q/A

This is a ton of work, but am feeling good about getting the information out of my head + heart

We are recording several Modules & making them available in:

PDF + MP3 + MP4 + Live Video

Whew. Ton of work. So worth it. So excited to make this information accessible outside these walls.

This is where my heart is: Design + Training + Equipping Others to…well, you know…live their custom lives 😉

A breakthrough approach to decorating like a pro using retail product. I reserved the domain “decoratewithretail” today for just this downloadable product. Very fun. We will of course offer how to customize just for you as part of this Webinar!

Spotlight. Module 1.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann