Frugal Friday: My Go To Place Card Holders for the Thanksgiving Table

Frugal Friday: My Go To Place Card Holders for the Thanksgiving Table

I am rarely accused of setting a casual table

Love place cards, salt cellars…specialized china, framed menus…all of it

I do have one Fun Frugal place card holder though.

It’s actually a standby + fill in. Works with just about every setting.

Don’t laugh. And if you already use this type, :)!

Simple, clear glass base. The ones I have are stars and we use them all year, for all occasions. The metal can easily be shaped & twisted around a nice quality card. I like them because you aren’t married to the shape.

Pier One Photo Holders. The CLEAR ones.

3 in a box = $5

Remember: the wire bends! You aren’t married to the motif.

Current stock at my house? Well, let’s just say I first discovered them when they were on sale & I “took out” three stores

Self Print Business Cards make great Frugal Name Cards. Not too heavy = no “fall down”.

This is a simple, inexpensive way to add those detail touches without breaking the bank.

Besides, the clear glass doesn’t compete with a beautifully set table.

Customize the business card to your hearts content – especially fun to see which “Business Card Template” happens to work with your Table Setting! You’d be surprised!

Have a great day.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Wednesday Style Points: Details Make the Room

Wednesday Style Points: Details Make the Room

Yesterday we spent all day photographing for November Features

What kept us all day? DETAILS

a couture hem detail from Tien Chiu

How does the hem hang on a custom swivel chair with interlined plackets

Interlining comes in different weights. One of my favorite materials!

How does the hand knit throw blanket drape on an ottoman when it’s cashmere? what about cotton?

I love this site…”A community for hand spinners….”. Do you drool over the detail in hand spun yarns like I do? Swoon.

When we put rooms together, the envelope – the floor plan – of course those things matter

But what makes a room couture?


Think about it. DETAILS make you – well – you.

Have a look around in your “best dressed” space at home

What do you notice? What is it that makes the space so special?

For me, it’s the custom details

The way the gilt lines a coffee table

The interlined chair skirts that look “thick”

A Silver Leaf (not pink;)! lined lamp shade

What do you notice?

I would love to know the custom details that make your spaces sing…

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Tuesday Tidbit: My Architectural Fragment Addiction

Tuesday Tidbit: My Architectural Fragment Addiction

I discovered it young

Some kids collect dolls, toys…I collected mini-alcohol bottles (that story = another time;)!!, candles & fragments from “things”

These “fragments” are from the Plaza Hotel in NYC. I re-purposed them as mirrors heading downstairs to our family rumpus room. Divine. Makes me feel as if I am in NYC about to have tea!


Why I love them (the “thing” fragments that is): They do three things REALLY well

I have these column fragments clustered together in the living room. At different times of the year they serve as candle holders, book ends, stocking hangers or tray holders on a buffet table! Talk about custom life…;)

Am I speaking as if these things have life? Yes, kind of…they do…

Hello fabulous! Lucite AND Architectural Fragment? This from Arteriors Home. OK, I will grant permission to use a Designed and Fabricated Combo just this once ;). And if they aren’t still making this one (2010) then let’s custom fabricate one with pieces from meaningful buildings or homes in your life!

1. Architectural Fragments add unexpected “custom” to a room

Do you recognize this photo? This is in a Client’s Entry hall and is made from Historically Significant Columns we had customized into a table. It greets guests as they enter the front door. I love the “energy” custom fragments bring to a space. They are not flat. They bring the past with them – in a good way.

3. Architectural Fragments reveal things a homeowner likes they may be uncomfortable taking risks on in larger pieces

Not quite ready for Indiana Jones in your living room? Then use a small fragment on a coffee table to hint at something that has meaning for you. This pic from Nyssa in Turkey. Photo linked to credit.

3. Architectural Fragments are affordable sculpture

This is an under-lit lucite sculpture base. One of the things we did was place a rock from the Sea of Galilee onto this for a client – it is magnificent on the bookshelf in their home office, especially at night. The fragment = earth’s architecture has personal significance and enhances their custom life. For them = reminder of what is important.

I am not talking about Pre-Fab Architectural Remnants…the kind you find at major retail outlets

I am talking about the real deal

It can be a piece of column

A piece of molding

A rock….anything!

Do you have any of these in your home? What are you using them for?

At last count? 22. Everything from bookend to makeup mirror holder & beyond”

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™