Frugal Friday: What Are the Best Inexpensive Home Design Resources?

Frugal Friday: What Are the Best Inexpensive Home Design Resources?

Here are SOME of my Top Go-To’s for our DIY Clients….not all of the places…just some!

1. Calico Corners Sale: Once or twice a year Calico Corners has a sale on their services. For true DIY Clients, this is a fabulous resource. They will find out what things really cost and often come RUNNING back to us ;)!! after they get their quotes. However, for the homeowner desiring retail execution of their design vision and managing it all themselves, this is a practical way to go.

2. Ikea: Check out my “Confession of an Ikea Hacker” Blog Post. I need a 12-Step Program :)!

Check out our blog post on Ikea Hacker. I will not apologize for loving this store. It sparks my creativity every time I go :)! Then I need a massage & a pair of Prada shoes…but…;)!…

3. Macy’s Furniture Outlet: I have found remarkable rugs & sofas here.

Macy’s Furniture Outlet, Union City, CA

4. Home Goods: Know what you are looking for! Major labels appear here sometimes……!

Major Labels sometimes show up at Home Goods. KNOW what to look for & you can find some deals.

5. West Elm: Great prices for great style. Yes, it’s retail, but I like their accessories. Well made & polished.

West Elm’s Cottage Pillow Cover. Sublime. $29! Cheaper than our office trip to Starbucks!

Happy Frugal Friday!

Build your Couture Chateau!

xo Ann

Friday Frugal Finds….Confession of an Ikea Hacker!

Friday Frugal Finds…Confession of an Ikea Hacker!

Ikea Hackers!

Yes, we are Couture Chateau

This is the Feature Image on our Website…not exactly Ikea…;)!

Layered, Intentional Living…Custom all the way…Private Labels for YOU…

Seriously, we private label & custom make almost everything! Including the FABRIC!

However, I still love IKEA.

This is an Ikea Kitchen!

OK, I’ve lost some of you…but…look!…

THIS is actually the “hack” that stole my heart…I was so happy when it won “Hack of the Year”!

Beauty and Style are not the strongholds of the wealthy…they are strongholds of the soul

Look at this! It’s beautiful! Even if it’s not your style…you must give props to the eye that created it!

CONFIDENCE in our Design Eye is what makes it possible for us to say it’s OK to shop at Ikea

Very cool…wish the pic was better quality, but still…you get the jist!

Seriously…do YOU have enough confidence to buck the “prevailing thought” and TRUST your eye?

Fun. Real life living for a family…

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