Wednesday Style Points: Behind the (Computer) Scenes on a Sale Set Up!

Wednesday Style Points: Behind the (Computer) Scenes on a Sale Set Up!

Our Clearance Sale is less than 3 weeks away

Style and Design aren’t limited to spaces & places

Fabulous Stage Designs by Richard Finkelstein

Some of those Style Points are “behind the scenes”

Shopify. The System that runs our on line store.

As we work to roll our sale out on line for Friday, September 14th,

Setting up our “shopping carts” and “tag sale” for a limited time on Clearance Items

Colorful Shopping Carts!

We are spending MUCH time trying to make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed

Inventory and Locations List

Style…it’s as much BEHIND the computer as it is in the FRONT office!

Wish us favor ;)!…

xo Ann

Thursday: Spotlight on Custom…a Couture Chateau Life

Thursday: Spotlight on Custom

Couture Chateau Custom Sofa with Bolt of Versace Fabric

What is a Couture Chateau Life?

Do You Recognize This Piece? It was made for a client’s entry hall from Antique Columns re-purposed and hand worked for a perfect fit!

It’s a life intentionally designed & layered

There are actually three (3) colors of paint, not two! Even subtle differences MATTER in YOUR custom life!! This Couture Chateau Project is still a favorite!

Which equips you to be the best you can be

Like each floor, each layer in our Couture Chateau lives brings a different PERSPECTIVE! And don’t forget to “paint your window frames” meaning – don’t neglect the details! They really do matter – like this bright blue!

Live Your Life Custom. There is Only One You!

xo Ann

Monday Matters…Life Inside the Brain of a Custom Designer

I am often asked why I started a company

Couture Chateau Logo

Couldn’t help it

How we started…custom cardboard!

No, seriously, I couldn’t help it

Our Custom Lining

As the youngest of a large family I always felt a bit lost in the group.

The Simpsons!


You Matter in MY World

To someone, for something

You are MORE than just your State of Matter

As I got older

Error Messages…Wrong Roads…Start Over…

It made me wonder…other people must feel the same way…


Couture Chateau is all about the “MATTERING”

Fearless…to Try…

We MATTER because we ARE

Sesame Street Walking “R”!

Because we ARE…we have something to CONTRIBUTE

Couture Sewing is Layered & Intentional


Fine Custom Cabinetry

Because there is no one else EXACTLY LIKE US!

The Black Crowned Crane (Balearica pavonina)

YOU matter because you ARE

Sofa to ENHANCE the Bird!

Hence, Couture Chateau

Come on the Journey with us

Live a custom life. There is only one you.