Monday Matters: We Love Our Workrooms!!

Monday Matters: We Love Our Workrooms!

HAND Made Table – Each Piece of Parquet was hand cut, fit and distressed…

As we prep for our sale and start to price out some items

Custom Pillow Collections by Ann McDonald of Couture Chateau

It becomes clear how much labor and love go into each product

Hand Made Couture Chateau Lining Fabric

Hand crafted details

Custom Pillows: Lined and often Interlined with our Couture Chateau Fabric!

We are GRATEFUL for the hearts and hands that make our lives better!

xo Ann

Saturday Sneak Peek: A 30 Second Video of Photo Shoot for Tag Sale!

Saturday Sneak Peek: A 30 Second Video of Photo Shoot for Tag Sale!

Click on the PHOTO BELOW!

You’ll catch glimpses of us working…See if you can spot Ann (behind the computer of course) and our Assistant Daniel (playing with the Tassel)


xo Ann

Click on this picture to view video!


Friday Frugal Finds: Couture Chateau Designer Clearance Sale September 14th Online. 4 Days Only.

Friday Frugal Finds: Couture Chateau’s can have Frugal Finds

Grab your Kate Spade and plan to join us online!

It’s the Mid-West in my blood!

Yes I am from the literal middle of nowhere! Where cows roam and if someone says they do “diversified farming” it means “wheat, cattle & oil”…never underestimate The Middle! 😉

We have been photographing for our 2012 Designer Clearance Sale on September 14th, 2012 which runs for FOUR DAYS ONLY

Just a few of the items! There are SO MANY MORE!

Access to the Sale on Friday is for our E-Mail Mailing List & Blog Followers ONLY, it opens to all on Saturday thru Monday

Original Framed Saturday Evening Post Covers with Mailing Labels Still Attached!

 If you are not a Blog Follower – Make Sure and Opt In!

Everything from Quirky to Conservative! There are two of these Gothic Candlesticks in a Very Fun Color as well…

More fun photos & information this weekend…stay tuned!

xo Ann