Tuesday Tidbit: My Custom Lining Habit on all things Design

Tuesday Tidbit: My Custom Lining Habit on All Things Design

Ok…so you know I love couture details

I liked this…kind of fun!

I have kind of an obsession with fabulous and personalized linings.

Hot pink, green silk, wild pattern, unexpected uses…

I found this pleated pink silk on Pinterest. Photo linked. Love it!

Am sure it all started in the – get ready – 1980’s (!) – before I was born…not…

when designing in NYC & then Los Angeles

At the time it was very chic to custom design all the lamp shades with pale pink hand dyed silk so that the glow from the light bulbs would be flattering to women in a room

This is a picture from a silk lamp shade site that I found. The pic is linked back to the creators’ site. What I noticed was the level of detail. All hand done. Even if it’s not your style, the talent required to execute this craft is supreme.

How wonderful! I wanted to live like the people we were designing for :)!

I couldn’t afford it…so I thought, well – heck, maybe I could “Custom DIY” it…

Pink Paint ! What could go wrong ;)?…..hummm…..

Saved up…bought a can of pink paint

Customized every single lampshade inside of our microscopic apartment with what I thought was the “perfect” pale pink

Mind you – I painted in broad daylight

Let me just say…daylight isn’t always the best light to use…designer (duh Ann)…especially when the product you are “creating” will NEVER be used in daylight :)!!

I was so excited to see the results…

Evening lands…

evening…the real test…I was SO excited…ugghh…thank God for humor!

And our crappy small apartment looked like the inside of a bottle of Pepto Bismol.

Design Epic Fail # 112!

I laughed – and cried – mostly because I couldn’t afford another can of paint…and learned then and there that two things REALLY matter when dealing with LINING things and the COLOR of lining things:

1. Composition of Material: Paint on cheap cardboard is NOT the same as hand died pale silk 🙂

2. Saturation of Color = Reflective Quality


Needless to say, I still love custom lining and have spent years delighting in clients who don’t mind an epic fail every now and then while we get that amazing green underlining “just right” to reflect off a polished floor when you are walking up a staircase and happen to “glimpse” the underside of a chair!

I do believe custom linings are a fingerprint from the designer. A touch of whimsy. And they show intent. You cannot rush when you are lining things.

Louboutin Lining is known the world over…it is just fun!

Live a custom life. There is only one you.™

Check out our Pinterest Board on Linings here & let me know if you have any fabulous lining stories we can share!

xo Ann