Thursday: Spotlight on our Designer Fabric & Trim Clearance Sale, First Time Like This!

Spotlight on our Designer Fabric & Trim Clearance Sale, First Time Like This!

Well, we are in a big mess!

Our Pillow Shelf – all of these will be for sale. The bottom ones were made for a show sample, the middle ones are Tom Filicia Fabric, the top ones are made from Crate & Barrel fabric and interlined

Fabric all over, trim piled up

For 1 day a Private INVITATION ONLY sale

IF ANYTHING IS LEFT, we will then open up online with Shopify on Saturday for 3 days

Will let you know how it goes !!

We’re already wiped, so…time for more coffee and of course to get my hair done first !

xo Ann

Friday Frugal Finds: Peek at some of the Lamps from this past year!

Friday Frugal Finds: What do you think of these Lamp Pairs?

2 Fabulous Floor Lamps from a Studio Temporary Living Set Up

Contemporary & Traditional…we’ve used them in various projects, from Temporary Dressing Room Designs, Studio Set Ups, Photo Shoots and Publication Staging over the past 18 months…

Pair, Hand Painted Ceramic Lamps: A Feature on Pink, Old and New!

Getting Tagged & Readied for Sale…

Toile Painted Lamps: Kitsch and Fun

xo Ann

Sunday Stewardship: Time to Take Care of Self

Sunday Stewardship: Time to Take Care of Self

The self…how do you see yourself? Love this picture ;)!

Do you love having a long weekend

I like this picture of the hard hat for Labor Day…symbolic of working on ourselves as well…

Sometimes Stewardship is about REST

That sleeping Lion…

Our Spaces – our Couture Chateau’s need to be places & spaces that can NURTURE us

My Family Room Coffee Table…I always feel safe in this room…a glass of wine with friends in the evening doesn’t hurt!

even as grown ups

A Couture Chateau corner in a Client’s home…a place to sit and relax…get ready for the world…

Here’s to a Sunday of Stewarding our SELVES

I love reading books on Sunday afternoon…rain or shine…it calms me for the week…

So WE (You and I) can make our contribution to the world from a place of Safety, Order & Beauty!

Let’s build YOUR Couture Chateau…some of our fabric bolts beautifully piled together on a Couture Chateau settee…like our lives…pieces piled together to make us who we are!

xo Ann