Wednesday Style Points: Why Do Last Year’s Ornaments Look Tired?

Wednesday Style Points: Why Do Last Year’s Ornaments Look Tired?

Each year, Clients ask the same questions…

Last year we used this ribbon for the office tree. This year we changed it up

Why did my ribbon look so great last year when I bought it and now I don’t like it

What about those ornaments…they look tired this season & last year were all the rage

Last season, we had a white tree in the office, this season a yellow themed tree to coordinate with the French Custom Carpet Squares

Why can’t I get my Christmas Tree to look as nice as it did last year?

I haven’t changed anything….

Well, therein lies the problem

Elastic Polyester Pants from the 1970’s….do you want your Tree to look like these in context? When we let the years pass & don’t modify even a bit….we are the frog in the boiling pot….dead before we know it!!

Some Cliff Notes on Custom Holiday Decorating Gleaned Over the Years:

1. A Tree (Living or Fake) & the Ornaments that live on it = Decoration

2. A Decoration (even if it cost you $1,750) is not an investment piece of furniture

3. A Decoration….is just that. It decorates something – temporarily – for a season or time

4. Decoration can last decades, but that is still just a season or time

5. Decoration = ultimately temporary

6. Decoration = Seasonal, Whimsical & Fun

7. Decorations, especially Christmas ones evoke emotion.

There in lies another problem. They evoke emotion.

That emotion draws us into a White Christmas, Bing Crosby vision of heirloom ornaments handed down from generation, hand made, custom fabricated, designer labeled…music & snow swirling...tree the same each year...It’s a Wonderful Life type of thing…

Truth? We can’t recreate or duplicate the past

That includes past Christmas Trees

Let me state that again because it is so important when it comes to this issue: we can not recreate or duplicate the past.

We CAN honor the past (also known as tradition) but we cannot freeze frame

If I had a dollar for every client who said: “Oh, I’ll take a picture of the vignette so I can duplicate it exactly next season” I’d be on my private 747!

Pardon me, but (edited bad word was here:).

Time for GRACE! Really? Will you be the exact same next year at this time?

Why would you want your Tree or Centerpiece to be the EXACT same?

YOU are custom. YOU are special. Why wouldn’t you want your space to reflect who YOU and YOURS are today?!

Use the same elements? Of course. Use the same Faux Tree? Yes, fine.

But please, change it up a bit…..

Trust me, your family will have changed…let’s HONOR the past while LIVING in the present

I liken it to this:

Imagine you wore a beautiful couture dress to “Friend A’s” Christmas Party in 2011.

Now, will you be wearing the EXACT same dress to the EXACT same party this year? Same shoes? Same hair? Same makeup? Same stockings?

Nope. Everyone would think you’d gone bonkers.

Your Holiday Home is the same way.

So, rules of thumb for refreshing your Holiday Decor? Check out our Holiday Helps Page with New Tips Today

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

p.s. we will miss you Noble. You were a great dog.

Saturday Stuff: Holiday Help & Tip Sheets for Design

Saturday Stuff: Holiday Help & Tip Sheets for Design

Been a busy week & thoughts of sugarplums are dancing in my head

Do You Ever:

Hesitate to open a box of stored decorations because…you aren’t sure what to do with them or why you keep them…?

Wander & waste $$$$ on Holiday Stuff that looks ridiculous when you get home?

Think you remember tossing an ornament in when it should have been carefully placed and get the sinking feeling that it and others are now busted?

Wish you could throw a last minute party but are afraid?

Recycled Cards as Coasters for a Casual Christmas "In My Kitchen" Party

Recycled Cards as Coasters for a Casual Christmas “In My Kitchen” Party

Wish you could just hole up with some Classic Christmas Movies?

Want to Bake like Martha, Design like Nate but always feel like you fall short?

Wish you could just communicate in decor your vision of the Holiday Season?

What is your vision? Do you  like traditional areas for your kids? for you? Our "Back Hall Stopping Table"

What is your vision? Do you like traditional areas for your kids? for you? Our “Back Hall Stopping Table”

Wish your children dressed like the Bergdorf Goodman Catalog?

Feel like you are already behind because……?

Feel like your Christmas Card is the most stressful thing in your social life each year?

WHERE to start? Hand written? Cranes Embossed? Printed? Casual...Formal...

WHERE to start? Hand written? Cranes Embossed? Printed? Casual…Formal…

Can’t decide??!!

Then “Holiday Help & Tip Sheets” is for you

It is a simple Page on the Blog to

a) encourage

b) help

c) identify practical steps

d) make you smile

This is a Short Term Page with a Short Term Goal:

To help each other live our custom lives over the next 31 days

I’ve asked some of my Designer Friends to contribute

It won’t be all bell-y & whistle-y

It will be Genuine & From our Hearts

Have a fantastic weekend. My goal is to have links up on December 4th (yes, you can pray)

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Tuesday Tidbit: My Blue & White Ginger Jar Addiction

Tuesday Tidbit: My Blue & White Ginger Jar Addiction

Tuesday Tidbits = peek inside the (sometimes) manic collector inside of this Designer Brain

Started as early as age 4? Candles, small bottles…all sorts of things…

This Tuesday? Blue & White Ginger Jars

Love these…

All types & sizes, but mostly Blue & White

I just purchased a similar one with my “birthday money”…it is so pretty!

This season, I even decided to try a new custom color combination and decorate our Entry Hall Christmas Tree around the Blue & White Jars that were already there…

Look closely. You will see several blue & white jars…these live in the entry most of the year. Couture Chateau Custom Tree featured on ivillage.

One of the reasons I like them is they mix & match beautifully.

These are from Williams Sonoma and range from $150 up. If this is the lower end…

THIS is the higher end, from Taigan. If you want to go expensive, the sky is the limit.

So for today – just a peek inside ;).

And have I ever had them custom made?! OF COURSE!!

This is a picture from Custom Made’s Website….for custom pottery. These are not ours – they belong to the mind of The Pottery Company. We have had custom pots made in Santa Barbara, California & Mexico by our own proprietary suppliers :).

Stay tuned as we showcase our Christmas Tree above in detail tomorrow and share some of the details you can mimic at home.

For now, off to pay some bills & clean the office! There is glitter everywhere from Holiday Decorations!!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann