Wednesday Style Points: Designing Life As A Process

Wednesday Style Points: Designing Life As A Process

As the New Year begins, I want to share one of my favorite things

Designing Processes

Just like we innovated a custom striped tree. designing processes is innovation. The process of seeing something in a new way

Just like innovating a custom design, designing processes can get sticky. The process of seeing something in a new way requires fearlessness & an acquired taste for the occasional mess!

Yup, sounds rather silly…but I love it

I cannot make a spreadsheet, remember?

I cannot find the receipt, remember?

But I CAN design…and so I design PROCESSES or SYSTEMS that work for life + business

A Matrix

SYSTEMS that are easy to replicate

PROCESSES that are easy to duplicate

…CUSTOMIZABLE to the Client or Situation or my own life!

I actually LOVE creating these


Because sometimes there is just too much input “out there”

Do you ever feel like you can’t possibly get all the research done to make a decision you are proud of?

Do you then just throw in the towel and jump before you should?

I am not one to leap off a cliff…my Louboutins might get stuck ;)! but I do love the imagery…

Or before you think you should?

Not sure?


As a Designer I have created these custom systems my whole career to help me prevent:

Chess is essentially a Matrix

Researching to the point of indecision

Leaping before I know I should

Flipping out on the fall after I’ve made an unchangeable design leap


These little systems help me:

Decide + Do with No Regret

I mean….there must be others who struggle with this…there is an “App” for it :)!

They give me boundaries that are pleasant

Not too much – not too little

I can stretch them – make them more complicated if need be or keep them super simple if needed

I even teach them in our Couture Chateau Seminars

So am kind of a dork for these systems

I then turn them into matrix

I had no idea what “The Matrix” was (still not sure I understand it) but it must be inbred somehow because when my son returned from college for the Holiday, this was his screensaver….a matrix!

In pretty drawings of course šŸ˜‰

All color coordinated boxes with proper shading & highlighting…

A little more my speed!

But matrix just the same

Why I like them?

Style Points šŸ™‚

You have them, remember?! It’s how you embrace the process of living

Over the course of the next year I will be sharing some of my favorite systems with you and how we use them

How we stretch them or shrink them

What has worked for us

And hopefully will work for you

For now? Style Points!

I’d love to know some of yours!!

Share. I know you have them. Because you are YOU!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”ā„¢

xo Ann