Sunday Stewardship: A Peek At A Fresh New Collection…Short Video From Market

Sunday Stewardship: A Peek At A Fresh New Collection…

Check out Lisa Kahn’s new collection for Chelsea House

Market is in high gear right now in High Point, North Carolina. Parties, openings…the whole bit. I wanted to share some behind the scenes happenings & insights so you feel like you are there!

While I am knee deep in recording studio & webinar production = focusing on my call to get this teaching out of the walls of my Design Studio, my Friends are faithfully sharing & keeping me in the loop. Thank you Traci Zeller for the early morning share on this video!

May this be a simple blessing, bring a smile & let you know there are some solid good people working on some solid good design!

Lisa Kahn is terrifically good at what she does. This is fresh, approachable & affordable from the Design World.

Be sure to check out Chelsea House & Lisa Kahn

Let me know if we can help you design with any of these!!

Sunday Stewardship: Your spaces & places matter. They can either move you forward or hold you back. Let’s move you forward!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann

Saturday Stuff: Love Pinterest? Style Spotters at Market = Inspiration!

Saturday Stuff: Love Pinterest? Style Spotters at Market = Inspiration!

At market, there are a few people who are tagged as Style Spotters

Last go around, a friend of mine Lisa Mende won the top spot. Before that a friend Traci Zeller!

It is really a fun way to follow along what people are seeing & what they think is on the mark.

If you are a pinterest junkie, this is the place to be for the next few days 🙂


From the Style Spotting Page…


Vote for the best pinboards and products for each Style Spotter

by generating “likes” or by re-pinning photos to your own Pinterest board.

At the end of Market, the most popular pinboard

will win that Style Spotter a free trip to the Fall 2013 High Point Market!

View Pinboards HERE

This is a fun way to get your feet wet with all the stuff out there.

Saturday Stuff: Styling without leaving home!

Am back into recording mode…so have a fantastic weekend.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Thursday Spotlight: High Point Market

Thursday Spotlight: High Point Market

Ever wonder why Designers disappear for 10 days & then return bleary eyed with more catalogs & business cards than any sane person should have?

It’s called Market!

This nice (quiet) video gives a short peek inside

For more takes, visit the home page on Youtube & peruse the 46 other videos – some more sparky ;). Great over a lite lunch!

Spotlight: It’s Market Time!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


Follow the action on Twitter at #hpmkt 🙂

Tuesday Tidbit: Time To Get In Shape, Darn…:). Can’t I Just Design Only?!

Tuesday Tidbit: Time To Get In Shape, Darn…:) Can’t I Just Design Only?!

You know those signs

You hear it, read it, see it….friends oh so gently remind you…

time to get in shape Ann


I know it, I have been in shape…but ouch!

As I told a friend this morning, it seems so much easier to just buy really nice clothes & pop on a pair of Louboutins!


I LOVE Oscar. And the color? Divine. The bow? Perfection.

So today my tidbit has nothing to do with homes or design, well I guess Lifestyle Design, sort of

Got back in the pool this morning. It will be a long road forward…

Oscar again. I also happen to love yellow. The 3/4 sleeve on this Spring RTW is a perfect length. Ditto the skirt portion. Flattering.

But journey with me.

Do you need to modify something?

I need to get my head out of work 24-7 and allocate some time to getting in shape

It is easier for me to work

Oscar Earrings. Cute with the dress, right?!

What about you?

What is good that you know you must do that you don’t?

I can’t be the only one…

Tuesday Tidbit: We are what we do.

Amanda Nisbet Design. Image linked. Just having a yellow moment. Does any body do this better than she? I think not!


“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


PS: If there is some tidbit you need to change, let me know!  Or if you aren’t ready to share, just know I am here on the journey with you. We cannot do it alone. Heck, my husband had to practically throw me in the car this morning to go swim. I resisted – the coffee was good & the blog was calling…and now? I am still in my swim parka! BUT have at least started. The first step is the hardest….Have a great day. Someone out there needs you!

Monday Matters: It’s High Point Week = Fantastic All Around

Monday Matters: It’s High Point Week = Fantastic All Around

Twice a year High Point, North Carolina hosts “Market”

What is it?

About 7 billion (ok, I exaggerate just a bit) square feet of must see, must hear stuff

New Market Introductions

Design Seminars

Featured Celebrity Guests

It’s actually really fun. Exhausting, but fun.

Stay tuned this week as I try to bring some of the highlights you might like by way of my friends (who I am missing!!) who are there. I am knee deep in recording some additional tracks for Decorate Like A Pro System & some interviews for the blog. Sad to miss but have my feelers out everywhere.

Traci Zeller has a new fabric line coming out

Traci’s new fabric line

Lisa Mende is speaking

Lisa Mende won last years Style Spotter.

Tobi is touring people to some of her hot spots

it is kind of a week long Golden Globes party!


Monday Matters. While my pals are heeling it up, I am “head setting it up” to make sure I stay focused on what I am supposed to stay focused on. That can be hard sometimes. We want to be all things to all people.

What’s your week look like? I hope, it looks like YOU!

It was hard for me to say no to Market. I was afraid I’d miss too much…but then I realized this week needed to look like “me”.

Hard to do, right? I know!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann


If you want to follow what goes on at Market, #HPMkt is the twitter hash tag. Hoot suite that puppy up and you can follow the conversation. I will try to bring you a sneak peek of some behind the scenes stuff via my friends when I take breaks from the recording we are working on this week.

Saturday Stuff: On The Home Front, Daily Messes = Designed Daily!

Saturday Stuff: On The Home Front, Daily Messes = Designed Daily!

Back at home after a long week of travel & lots of time in Dallas Fort Worth airport on delays

Grateful for the dishes in the sink, the cleats in the hall & a messy teen’s bedroom

image linked

May your Saturday be filled with the stuff of life. Always in process, never perfect.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann

Friday Wrap Up: Life Lessons At Design Camp

Friday Wrap Up: Life Lessons At Design Camp

This week, just like last, was/is filled with travel

I had the honor of visiting Tobi Fairley & her esteemed Team in Little Rock, Arkansas for a fabulous few days of what is lovingly referred to as Camp

I like grown up camp. We stay in nice hotels instead of tents, have nice wine instead of cold hot chocolate and we can camp in heels!

My kind of camp. Yup.

The Capital Hotel in Little Rock. One of my all time favorites! We shot some videos here so be on the look out for those over the next few weeks...

The Capital Hotel in Little Rock. One of my all time favorites! I shot some videos here so be on the look out for those over the next few weeks…

Besides which, I get to see my peeps.

Want to make sure and share a few quick aha moments with you today. I will do a longer write up next week while High Point Market is in full swing, but want to make sure I share some of those things that really spoke to me:

1) Don’t take career advice from people in the stands

Do I know this? yes. Do I always follow this? no. I sometimes let those people shouting in the stands & not achieving who say they are “only giving me helpful advice” hurt me. Do any of you ever let that stuff in? Then let’s do this together!! No more of that :)!

2) Go after what you want if it’s true to who you are

Yes, I preach this constantly. It is nice to know others feel the same way. I believe this so very much. For those of you who have listened to the free webinar beta test we have out (click here to listen, we NEVER spam emails) you KNOW that about me, but I must say it is really encouraging to hear someone else say it.

3) Persist. And then persist some more. And then?…..persist…some….more…!

Great achievement takes time. I know that. But hearing it helps. Sometimes I feel as if I was more successful at 29 than I am now, and in some metrics that may be the case (ahhh youth) HOWEVER, it’s the total life envelope we are after. Whether we are designing our own homes as our own decorator or designer, working with clients, are artists…whatever our calling it’s a life thing, not a one time thing. I like being reminded of that. I think it’s hopeful.

Off to catch a plane before the dawn today – let me know if any of these reasonate with you!

The speakers were genuine, accessible and in this inimate small group setting, I was astounded at the access. With as many years under my belt & as many things as I have seen…this was graciousness at its best. It was simply a one time type event. Thank you Tobi and her Team (Brooke, Ashley) for bringing the A Game.

All that said? I am ready for home. Time for some capuccino from Berkeley, California & a little SF Fog before heading out again….

Friday Wrap Up: I’m ready for the weekend, how about you?!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


PS: Do make sure and sign up for our Beta Test Webinar. The reviews have been fantastic. From “WOW!!!!!” to “changed my life” to “it felt fundamentally honest, open and real”…you are simply too valuable to not at least listen. This is the culmination of teaching I have done for over a decade. Even if you are not a decorator, designer…this can be a blessing to you. There is no pressure – we are in beta test. Just take some time & be fed. I know you “feed” those around you…this? is just for YOU!

Thursday Spotlight: Guest Posting on Custom Made!

Thursday Spotlight: Guest Posting on Custom Made!

Please head over to Custom Made and check out our Guest Post today!!

Comment, share, like!!

We love these guys and are so happy to support their mission.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Tuesday Tidbit: Taking Time to Tinker With Design to Get It Just Right

Tuesday Tidbit: Taking Time to Tinker With Design to Get It Just Right!

It’s always interesting when design doesn’t just “come to you”

I absolutely love this! Decorating & Design is fun…it’s also a bit of work 😉

As a Designer by trade, we sometimes think it should just happen…without work or effort

There are times when we just walk into a space and “see it”

Yes, that’s the mania part

Then there are spaces & places that trick us

I mean really Esher! Image linked. Sometimes this is how a design job starts!

They toy with our heads, they mess with our 3-d modeling

We really have to pour heart & head into it

Do you ever struggle with that?

When you are planning a room at your home or designing one for another?

Is there ever that moment when you think “I’ve got nothing”

Time for a walk

Time for a head clear…a run, anything

I have found that if I try to jam in a bunch of design inspiration in, all I get is

1) over loaded

2) over stuck

But a clear head, some fresh air & time away from the Designing World always does a brain good.

What do you get stuck on?

Do you feel like this is the start or the end?!

Is there a space that you just can’t seem to finish?

Is there a room you’ve just given up on?

Let me know!

Yes, even Designer’s have them…

Tuesday Tidbit: What’s yours?

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


PS: We are Tobi Fairley’s this week in Little Rock, Arkansas. Enjoying her Get Published Camp with some good friends. We will keep you posted. So fun!

Monday Matters: Spring Break Around The House

Monday Matters: Spring Break Around The House

Do you take a Spring Break when kids are gone?

Is it a vacation or an “around the house” type thing?

This past week many close to me were off building houses with Amor Ministries in Mexico. As I listened to their stories, I am reminded how important our spaces & places are. Grateful to be a part of this industry…

Do you do those house cleaning, design refreshing things when they leave?

I wonder…

I know my single friends are great at scheduling time both for themselves and for their breaks

I learn from them daily to steward the “me”

(Thank you, you know who you are:)

This does not come easily for a Kansas Born, California Bred girl

So this past week I forced myself to “Break” in the middle of it all

A few days in Lake Tahoe with enough design work to keep me engaged but not so much that my husband and I couldn’t catch a glass of wine & a beer on tap at a local tavern

It was just what the Dr ordered

So what about you?

This Monday, have you taken a Spring Break?

Did it refresh you?

Are you ready to face the Spring now?

Love this. A gentle start. Reminds me we must be careful with our “new growth”….stewarding those around us and ourselves in areas of new growth is important…it matters

Let me know!!

Time to dust off the rest of those cobwebs, fluff the pillows, open up the windows, change the slip covers…

It may be raining & windy here in SF, but it is Spring somewhere & we are after it!!

Monday Matters & so do YOU.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


PS: Don’t forget our show house friends! If you have a favorite show house that we didn’t mention, let us know in the comments!

PPS: If you like what we are doing here, please share on Facebook, Twitter etc. We are grateful for those who journey along side. It’s the daily walk that counts, not the sprint!