Friday Frugal Finds….Confession of an Ikea Hacker!

Friday Frugal Finds…Confession of an Ikea Hacker!

Ikea Hackers!

Yes, we are Couture Chateau

This is the Feature Image on our Website…not exactly Ikea…;)!

Layered, Intentional Living…Custom all the way…Private Labels for YOU…

Seriously, we private label & custom make almost everything! Including the FABRIC!

However, I still love IKEA.

This is an Ikea Kitchen!

OK, I’ve lost some of you…but…look!…

THIS is actually the “hack” that stole my heart…I was so happy when it won “Hack of the Year”!

Beauty and Style are not the strongholds of the wealthy…they are strongholds of the soul

Look at this! It’s beautiful! Even if it’s not your style…you must give props to the eye that created it!

CONFIDENCE in our Design Eye is what makes it possible for us to say it’s OK to shop at Ikea

Very cool…wish the pic was better quality, but still…you get the jist!

Seriously…do YOU have enough confidence to buck the “prevailing thought” and TRUST your eye?

Fun. Real life living for a family…

We are here to help! CALL us…the Holiday’s are just around the corner and your VIP Day is waiting!!

Click here to schedule a VIP Couture Chat! 1 Day, 1 Designer, 1 Designer’s Team, 2 Days Studio Work, 1 12-16 Page Write up, 1 Really Cool Box, 1 Happy Client !!

xo Ann

Wednesday Style Points: Behind the (Computer) Scenes on a Sale Set Up!

Wednesday Style Points: Behind the (Computer) Scenes on a Sale Set Up!

Our Clearance Sale is less than 3 weeks away

Style and Design aren’t limited to spaces & places

Fabulous Stage Designs by Richard Finkelstein

Some of those Style Points are “behind the scenes”

Shopify. The System that runs our on line store.

As we work to roll our sale out on line for Friday, September 14th,

Setting up our “shopping carts” and “tag sale” for a limited time on Clearance Items

Colorful Shopping Carts!

We are spending MUCH time trying to make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed

Inventory and Locations List

Style…it’s as much BEHIND the computer as it is in the FRONT office!

Wish us favor ;)!…

xo Ann

Tuesday Tidbit: My Gold & (Brass) Habit!

Tuesday Tidbit: My Gold (Brass) Habit!

Sneak Peek…A Gold Panel from the Plaza Hotel in one of our Projects (not yet completed)

So I’ve shared my Herringbone Habit, My Yellow Habit and now, my Gold Habit!

Gold Bracelet

Even when Silver, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Copper were “in – out – all the rage – etc”

Finish Samples

I always looked for ways to incorporate Gold or Brass into my projects

Aged Brass Mirror

Timeless – Truly

Love using these simple Brass single Faucets in unexpected places!

Ages – Naturally

Look at this – Beautiful! I found it on Etsy…click on link below to see if it’s still available!

Love it!

Brass Antique Vase from Benton County Museum Site

xo Ann

Thursday: Spotlight on Custom…a Couture Chateau Life

Thursday: Spotlight on Custom

Couture Chateau Custom Sofa with Bolt of Versace Fabric

What is a Couture Chateau Life?

Do You Recognize This Piece? It was made for a client’s entry hall from Antique Columns re-purposed and hand worked for a perfect fit!

It’s a life intentionally designed & layered

There are actually three (3) colors of paint, not two! Even subtle differences MATTER in YOUR custom life!! This Couture Chateau Project is still a favorite!

Which equips you to be the best you can be

Like each floor, each layer in our Couture Chateau lives brings a different PERSPECTIVE! And don’t forget to “paint your window frames” meaning – don’t neglect the details! They really do matter – like this bright blue!

Live Your Life Custom. There is Only One You!

xo Ann