Wednesday Style Points: Is It Really Happening? Fearless In Action, Join Us & Decorate Like A Pro.

Wednesday Style Points: Is It Really Happening? Fearless In Action, Join Us & Decorate Like A Pro!

I feel like I am giving birth – well, proverbially 🙂

Have you ever felt that way with a project you are working on, or a family or life thing?

That’s this. Easy in concept, a “hey, I have an idea” moment

Then…..idea turning into concrete action….omg…

I teach this material (Decorate Like A Pro) in several formats to small groups, safe, ordered…beautiful

Have for a long time. To any who would listen.

This is the kind of thing that Clients, Friends, Professionals say after a Seminar which pricks my heart:

Objectively speaking, it hits remarkably well on human behavior that sends us into a downward tail spin. Stuff I never even considered. It’s a pretty cool thing she’s got here.
Elizabeth R., RN, BSN, (Counseling Psychology), Working Mother, Kansas City, Kansas
Grateful for hearers who put words to insights so testimony is not a hollow exercise of calling in favors, there is a gauntlet thrown down. Do I step outside of the safe + ordered + beautiful walls of a Home Based Design Studio & share?

Those of you who have been with me a while know 2012 was the year. I felt a very strong call that it was time to “put it out there”. No more hiding the material behind catered lunch for 8 & Prada sweater sets with Escada skirts.

growth quote

Click here for the whole story. And to sign up before we fill up. I’d like to hold a spot for you!

So in the spirit of being fearless (hard for me – is it hard for you?) I put this “baby” in the hands skilled professionals who walked along side me and my team. We created Abundant Boundaries for this premium product, designed in all ways for client ease via the internet.

Membership page, all of it. Links. Modules. Forum. WORK. FRUIT.

Thus, Decorate Like A Pro System for the Internet was born

We beta tested the format (Weekly Recorded Webinars + up sell + down sell private coaching levels)

Put feedback into Matrix (comments, challenges, questions, tech, ease of use, ease of access)

Re-recorded, re-edited, re-recorded

Set up the Membership Page (my favorite part)

Got all the Modules in place to be released each week

Set up the Private Coaching Forum (another favorite part)

Set up Pay Pal (my least favorite part…add to cart where ?:)

and now we bring it to Market to sell for less than one week only

A dear friend asked why we’d only offer this version for less than a week:

Because this is for people who really want to be extraordinary & are ready to leap

This photo is with a group of fantastic women. Risks in life...they are most definitely WORTH it!

Without Tobi Fairley, I would not be here. I would be in my skirt & sweater set far away from what I should be working at. Far away from my call. Discouraged at best….

Because this is for people who really care about learning things that go on under the surface that make Decorating Projects soar or fall & they happen to be ready to soar

Because this is for people who run the gamut from DIY to Seasoned Designers who perceive there must be some insight out there that can bring those aha moments we crave. Those aha’s that we “knew” but couldn’t quite articulate or put into action.

Because this is for people who are learners & are willing to give an hour to a Free Webinar to see if it’s a fit

Because I only want to engage those for whom it is a fit

Because we know, don’t we, if something is a fit.

I know when I engage teaching if it is not for me. I pass that along to a friend for whom it might be.

Because I know it’s not for everyone – even some of my closest friends

Because I know it is for some – even some of my closest friends

That’s why. A few days. A small group. An engaged group. A group that is ready to leap.

IF it’s a fit for you – who, where & why you are, I hope you join us

I know life is short. I know our spaces & places matter. I know they really do shape us, inside & out.

Stewardship Sunday: My Top 3 Principles For Decorating Your Home

I knew the original well. Spaces & places matter. They shape us, for better, for worse…they just do……

Live, this material goes for over $10,000. Yup, you read that right. We priced the System without coaching at $495.

Again, the “why” from my friend, why not a higher price Ann…

Because I have been in a place where price was a barrier to my entry. And that was when I need it most. When I couldn’t afford it.

At $495 it’s less than $62 per Module. Include the Free Webinar and it’s $55 per Module. That felt right in my heart for today, for this first group willing to leap.

For those who can afford more & want more, the coaching program where we walk along side daily for the 8 weeks is available. There is the more expensive version at $1,290 & the less at $890. I know I am violating every rule of “marketing” by sharing from the heart, but this is who I am. It’s what I believe.

I am also making the window short because we only have 15 coaching spots left

Guess it’s good when clients buy before it’s live.


Are you ready to leap?

Wednesday Style Points. Perfect? Not even close. Real? Yup.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


Thank you for being there as this was grown. It would not have happened if my clients & readers had not urged,  commented, liked, sent private messages, tweeted, facebooked, followed & fueled the heart call. I look forward to many more. It’s as much your fruit as it is mine. Grateful.

Sunday Stewardship: “Pick Pieces That Transition Well” our Feature on ivillage

Sunday Stewardship: “Pick Pieces That Transition Well” our Feature on ivillage

Yesterday we shared our Headboard featured on ivillage.

Today in honor of Stewardship, we show a project where EVERY item was purchased with an eye towards other uses

This fun high contrast Dining Area for a 20 Something was designed using our VIP Day Service

This Feature is DIY High Style, Low Cost

For the project below our goal was 3 fold:

1) Fab

2) Practical

3) Less than $3,500 including Design Fee of $1,500

We came in well under budget!

Here’s How:

I chose a three color classic combo that packed punch

Black + White + Turquoise

Here is the post from ivillage:

Pick Pieces that Transition Well

Ann McDonald designed this dining room for a 20-something who loves to entertain. She wanted a strong visual punch and had a good-sized space to work with, but not a lot of money. Ann decided to design the space with items that could do double duty later if her client moved out of the apartment and into a house. They started with an outdoor rug from Cost Plus and ended up running with an outdoor theme thinking that all these pieces would work well on a porch some day. To create a room divider and block off the apartment’s laundry area, Ann’s client created a large curtain panel using outdoor fabric she found at a discount chain for $15 per yard, plus a curtain rod and rings from Ikea.

Dining Room

The first design choice we made was the rug. It’s an outdoor room size rug from Cost Plus that was in store only.

This classic Damask Outdoor Rug is from I love using bold pattern outdoor rugs, especially when the budget is tight. Why? Because you can pack a punch while using well priced nice quality basics (the CB2 Table, a Stripe Drapery…) that will transition life with you.

Since the Client is in her 20’s & enjoying apartment life I wanted to spec something that could easily transition, handle wear + tear & make a statement


Entertaining traffic? Not a problem! Spilled drink, pets or spots wash out with soap & water.

The second choice was the white classic table. No, it’s not an original Saarinen 🙂 but the style is classic and at $199 from CB2, absolutely unbeatable.

Odyssey Table by CB2. $199. This is a classic style that packs a punch. Saarinen’s replica version is available at Design Within Reach for $1,800 + depending on size. We simply didn’t have the budget to spec DWR’s version.

Truth? I have one just like this in the Design Studio. It gets used constantly!

I had originally specified Kartell’s Victoria Ghost Chair in Blue at $330 each, but found these Turquoise Chairs at Home Goods for $ 65 each. Savings too good to pass up. Designer + Client Happy!

Kartell’s Victoria Ghost Chair is a classic.

They are simple, classic and strong for an inexpensive chair. The color is what really takes them over the top.

For the drapery (room divider) I spec’d out reversible panels of outdoor black & white striped fabric with a leading edge band in beige dots.

So the Client may re-use the drapery fabric at some point for an outdoor awning, I specified flat panel. This also made it possible for savings on custom labor costs – she is a terrific seamstress and sewed the panels herself.

By making them reversible, she gets the same pretty view from the Laundry Area that she does in the Dining Room.

Suntex Sun Duck Fabric in Black & White Stripe, about $18/yard on line. Client was able to secure for about $15/yard locally. I did specify a custom leading edge band out of a beige outdoor dot which coordinates with the wall color (out of frame).

Drapery Hardware & Clips are from Ikea

Ikea Syrlig Curtain Rings hold the flat panels in place. We spec’d a simple tie back so Client wasn’t drawing drapes constantly to get in and out of Laundry area.

Client handled installation themselves

Matte Black Dishes from Target

Dishes from Target. The matte finish looks incredibly high end and for a custom signature, we paint the underside of mugs in matching Turquoise! Hand wash the mugs please…& if you do DIY this custom trick, use proper paint from craft store.

Custom Napkins by Couture Chateau out of hand dyed black Belgian Linen

Custom Hand Made Napkin Rings by Couture Chateau

I found this DIY from Wood Turning Online. Absolutely stunning, I love using hand fabricated napkin rings. Image linked. You can also source custom napkin rings from my FAV site: Tell them Ann McDonald sent you ;)!

Sunday Stewardship: Are you planning a DIY Project this weekend?

What about one where down the road you can TRANSITION an item into another space?

Let us know!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™


Not EVERYTHING we do is large scale 🙂

This DIY Project was achieved from a simple VIP Day, $1,500.

Here is the link to our website where you can read a detailed description

As you know from my Frugal Friday posts, VALUE is important to me

We DO design single rooms and remote projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Who knows, your project may end up featured on the Blog!


Saturday Stuff: “Think Outside The Headboard Box” our ivillage Feature!

Saturday Stuff: “Think Outside The Headboard Box” our ivillage Feature

I love ivillage

I read it long before being asked to contribute so am always grateful when I can share projects. Please pin, like, share! We’d love to do more.

This Feature is DIY High Style, Low Cost

Not EVERYTHING we do at Couture Chateau is large scale 🙂

This DIY Project and the one we will share tomorrow were Designed with Client’s using VIP Days which accommodate all budgets

As you know from my Frugal Friday posts, VALUE is important to me

If you have a smaller or remote project, contact us. We’d be thrilled to chat via email. Who knows, your project may just end up featured on the Blog!

For the project below, 12 Foot Sloped Ceilings were presenting issues and the Client did not have a large budget. The room doubles as office & guest room.

Here is the Description from ivillage

Think Outside the Headboard Box

Many bloggers have shared step-by-step tutorials on how to make upholstered headboards, which are an affordable, albeit labor-intensive, way to spruce up your bedroom, but Ann McDonald of design firm Couture Chateau came up with an even better idea. When she found a 3-section divider made out of coconut shells at Home Goods for $39.99, she knew it’d make the perfect headboard for her client’s guest bedroom. The ceilings are over 12 feet high at one end of the room and Ann’s client wanted something that would make a strong visual statement. Ann loved the divider’s textural quality and lucky for her, it was a perfect fit for a queen bed and worked well with the casual vibe of the room.

Guest Bedroom Suite, Doubles as Low Use Home Office

The Client handled the installation themselves. The 3 screen panel is attached with a cleat system from Home Depot and can easily be moved

The Coverlet is Barbara Barry from Tuesday Morning

Barbara Barry Quiet Curve Coverlet & Toss Pillow in Sea Glass. I love how the color of the coverlet plays against the strong browns. You can find this same coverlet on ebay & other re-sellers. Client found it new at Tuesday Morning. Image linked to ebay

Barbara Barry Coverlet from House of Linens. Notice this one has a different stitch pattern. I love her pre-fab coverlets because they are well priced + classic. About $150 depending.

The Shams are Ralph Lauren Home Collection, Wool with Velvet Trim

The shams pictured here are European Square, Ralph Lauren. The ones we used are no longer available, but the price point is similar about $130. We splurged on the shams because we saved elsewhere. Ralph can be found on line or at major home stores like Macy’s.

The Prints are antique architectural renderings framed by Aaron Brothers

This is from All Posters. Image linked. We used antique renderings the Client already owned. I specified Aaron Brothers  custom framing using a stock frame. By paying only for the labor & upgraded preservation glass the framing costs per print were less than $150 each. Turn around is about 3 weeks.

The desk ( barely in frame) is from a consignment store and we changed handles for a more contemporary look. Couture Chateau custom lining on inside of drawers with patterned fabric over board so guests would feel special!

I don’t often use animal prints, but custom lining the inside of drawers in “wow” fabric in Guest Suites is one of my trademarks. So fun! This fabric is a chenille and runs about $23 per yard. Image linked to Fabric Domain website. Easy to DIY with heavy cardboard & good glue.

Because this space functions as both an office and guest room, the Client needed a place to keep office items. Since I specified to custom line the drawers, wasn’t keen on a bunch of pens possibly leaking. Solution? A shadow box frame that opens from the front! The Client can clearly see pens, paperclips, sim cards and simply pick up the box when guests arrive.

No cleaning out messy drawers. Happy Everyone 🙂

These are from Exposures. Image linked. The real trick here is to use a shadow box that isn’t too heavy and opens from the front. It one of those tight space design tricks. No cleaning out drawers last minute before a guest arrives. Just pick up your box and leave!

Saturday Stuff: Are you headed out for a DIY Project this weekend?

Let us know!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™


Tomorrow: Stewardship Sunday, “Designing with Transition in Mind”


Wednesday Style Points: Designing Life As A Process

Wednesday Style Points: Designing Life As A Process

As the New Year begins, I want to share one of my favorite things

Designing Processes

Just like we innovated a custom striped tree. designing processes is innovation. The process of seeing something in a new way

Just like innovating a custom design, designing processes can get sticky. The process of seeing something in a new way requires fearlessness & an acquired taste for the occasional mess!

Yup, sounds rather silly…but I love it

I cannot make a spreadsheet, remember?

I cannot find the receipt, remember?

But I CAN design…and so I design PROCESSES or SYSTEMS that work for life + business

A Matrix

SYSTEMS that are easy to replicate

PROCESSES that are easy to duplicate

…CUSTOMIZABLE to the Client or Situation or my own life!

I actually LOVE creating these


Because sometimes there is just too much input “out there”

Do you ever feel like you can’t possibly get all the research done to make a decision you are proud of?

Do you then just throw in the towel and jump before you should?

I am not one to leap off a cliff…my Louboutins might get stuck ;)! but I do love the imagery…

Or before you think you should?

Not sure?


As a Designer I have created these custom systems my whole career to help me prevent:

Chess is essentially a Matrix

Researching to the point of indecision

Leaping before I know I should

Flipping out on the fall after I’ve made an unchangeable design leap


These little systems help me:

Decide + Do with No Regret

I mean….there must be others who struggle with this…there is an “App” for it :)!

They give me boundaries that are pleasant

Not too much – not too little

I can stretch them – make them more complicated if need be or keep them super simple if needed

I even teach them in our Couture Chateau Seminars

So am kind of a dork for these systems

I then turn them into matrix

I had no idea what “The Matrix” was (still not sure I understand it) but it must be inbred somehow because when my son returned from college for the Holiday, this was his screensaver….a matrix!

In pretty drawings of course 😉

All color coordinated boxes with proper shading & highlighting…

A little more my speed!

But matrix just the same

Why I like them?

Style Points 🙂

You have them, remember?! It’s how you embrace the process of living

Over the course of the next year I will be sharing some of my favorite systems with you and how we use them

How we stretch them or shrink them

What has worked for us

And hopefully will work for you

For now? Style Points!

I’d love to know some of yours!!

Share. I know you have them. Because you are YOU!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Stewardship Sunday: Last Minute Simple New Years Eve Party from Upcycled Christmas Cards

Stewardship Sunday: Last Minute Simple New Years Eve Party from Up-Cycled Christmas Cards

As I shared yesterday, even a non-crafter can get on board with up-cycling Christmas Cards. If you missed it, check out the post here. You can also see our complete feature on ivillage here. Like, share, pin – we’d like to MORE for them!

For today, some still simple, slightly more labor intensive ways to throw a last minute New Year’s Eve party using your pile of beautiful cards

Why do I love this so much? It is customized from your life + friends in your home = divine

WHERE to start? Hand written? Cranes Embossed? Printed? Casual...Formal...

Take them all out & start sorting by color & thickness. If you want to “save” take a picture of the pile & then start cutting, sorting, shredding

Thank you to Dianna Condon Cuisine for providing the incredible Hors d’oeuvres used on our Couture Chateau Photo Shoot!

3 New Year’s Eve Party Uses for Up Cycled Christmas Cards:

1) Hors d’oeuvres Plates

Pouring Champagne (which had to be tasted)! We had some fun with this.

Look CLOSELY at what is under Dianna Condon Cuisine’s Brownies…they are ALL Up-Cycled Christmas Cards! And the shredding is cards as well. Simple uses can create striking vignettes. You just have to think out of the box.

2) Name Cards or Place Cards

Name Cards: Cut, Laminated & Sharpied! From our feature on ivillage. Notice the name card holders? These are the same ones we mentioned in our 11-16-12 Frugal Friday Post – they are picture holders!

3) Coasters

Coasters from our ivillage post. How simple can these be?! Purchase the “slip in” kind at Aaron Brothers or other Craft store, cut & insert!

Recycled Cards as Coasters for a Casual Christmas "In My Kitchen" Party

Recycled Cards as Coasters. No laminating, just cutting! From our Couture Chateau feature on “Casual Kitchen Entertaining”

Easy to Create with these supplies:

Scissors (Pinking Shears + Creative Shapes)

Laminating Machine (We use Kinko’s at $2.00 per sheet)

Sharpies or Dry Erase Markers

5 Easy Custom Tips for Taking it Over the top:

1. Color Coordinate

Make individual Gift Bags. Use color coordinated duct tape & “press them” to make an opening. Add some of the card shredding. Use duct tape as a handle as well! For more ideas check out our entire feature on ivillage.

2. Make Gift Bags with Cards + Color Duct Tape + Card Shredding

People LOVE to see their cards go to good use! Here cards are under glass on one of our table settings. Use a riser (the snowflake) to make inserting & removing or adjusting easier.

3. Use cards from people attending the party

4. Match food types to colors (brownies on red, white + black)

Make name or place cards by  cutting + pasting elements from several cards. Just cut and apply to make customized personal statements. From our feature on ivillage.

5. Make over the top place cards + menus by cutting + pasting cards

Please like, pin & share these images!


Tomorrow, we share a video from Ann’s Master Mind Group with Tobi Fairley

It’s the consultant group that retro fitted our 20+ year Design Business with an Amazing Client Roster into the new economy. Ann shares some of her reasons for participating & you will see why we still have faith as it feels like the world crumbles around us…

Looking forward to an amazing New Year

At least it’s never dull!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann

Frugal Friday: What To Do With A Pile of Beautiful Christmas Cards, Especially As A Non-Crafter?

Frugal Friday: What to do with a Pile of Beautiful Christmas Cards, Especially As A Non-Crafter?

Each Friday that I blog, I try to share one of our insider tips on making things beautiful or fun with less than a ton of cash

My Mid-Western + Scotch Canadian roots have imparted a strain of Frugality that despite my best efforts to pretend doesn’t exist (Birkin Bag, hello!) rears it’s head each week in these posts. They are some of my favorite.

Trade off, as always = time + effort

Earlier this year we were approached by ivillage and asked “what do you do with all those Christmas Cards”

Well, we do a lot! We will be highlighting some of these over the next couple of days

Today? An easy feel good way to recycle + re-purpose + easy to customize


1. Pick out the most colorful cards, metallic lined envelopes & heavy card stock

2. Shred to your hearts content

My TOP USES for Shredded Cards in No Particular Order

A. Background on trays when entertaining

Top Down View of the Centerpiece on Carpet. Simple & striking. Really fun.

Top Down View of a Frugal Centerpiece we created on Carpet Squares. Simple & striking. Really fun.

B. Under glass table tops when entertaining

Simply sprinkle on your table & re-place your glass top. Color coordinate for strongest settings. Black & White for New Years, Red & White for Valentines Day…one of the funnest ways to customize this is to encircle the place where each guest is sitting. We basically create a faux place mat under glass with the shredding!

C. Bagged & gifted to my friends who have to ship a ton of merchandise

One of the biggest expenses we encounter as a small business is packing materials. Many of us share our shredding!

D. Bagged for use in our office all year

See above!

E. Gift Bag filler all year

The first time I went to buy decorative packing and dropped over $10 on twirly ribbon, I decided there HAD to be a better way. So for this one, we often shred the plastic that comes with presents or heavy duty metallic cards – they are sturdy and different looking. A cross cut shredder rather than a straight cut shredder is best for this as it appears more decorative

F. Stuffed in servers for buffets, holding knives/forks/napkins – you name it!

Our lives are a mix of high & low...but anything can be made beautiful. Even if it starts out shredded...

I have used this trick for many a party. Try putting shredding in coffee cups at each place setting & place the silverware in each coffee cup for another simple setting. There are literally so many uses for these old cards, it’s fun to think of party themes around them. Great for children to help with. The “spills” are easy to clean!

G. Glass Christmas Ornament Stuffing

You’ve seen those blown glass ornaments? Well, often we give them as gifts. What I like to do is choose a single color and fill with shredding in that color. They reflect the Christmas Tree lights nicely through the gaps in the paper.


If you have just found us, make sure and subscribe to the blog!

We are working on some fun things. As the world spins around us, it is more important than ever to build our intentional custom lives with joy and purpose.

Happy Frugal Friday from Ann (snowed in at Lake Tahoe with spotty internet & cell) & the Team at Couture Chateau (not officially back until Jan 7th)!

It’s rather fun to work this way as we plan & prepare for the New Year

THANK YOU for walking along side us! The journey is more fun together.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Frugal Friday: Semi-Upholstered Walls

Frugal Friday: Semi Upholstered Walls

I love Frugal Friday…it’s the day we quietly slip off Louboutin and put on DSW

Hello classic. Louboutin at Niemans. $700+

you know you have done it…:)

Sweet fun. Marc by Marc Jacobs at DSW. $199 – ish


How to customize your Couture Chateau when you really want fabulous upholstered walls but need that frugal alternative

This Lee Jofa Silk has such a beautiful hand. Found this beautiful picture on ebay of all places…

I blame my training in NYC for this obsession

 Silk Taffeta in a Park Avenue Private Elevator & Entry?

What a way to learn. Divine.

Problem was, I spent the next few years trying to figure out how to DIY it…(sort of)

Here you go:

1) Drywall Panels. The Acoustical Kind. 4 x 8 sheets. Hardware Store or Lumber Yard. Pay for delivery if no big suv = cumbersome & semi-fragile. Have used 1/2″ & 3/4″.

Basically Drywall that is rated for Sound Proofing. Different Texture than regular drywall. Brown or white, available at Lumber Yards. Has a “cottony” texture on the face.

2) Proper Framing/Fir Strips or Attachment for Hanging. We use 3/8″ plywood strips at upper edge & attach cleat hanging systems (metal or wood).

a fir strip is essentially a piece of wood used to stabilize or even out a surface. for our purposes we attach at the leading top edge on the back and use it to strengthen the hanging cleat. if fabric won’t hold with staples into panels, use additional fir strips around the perimeter of the entire panel on the back.

3) Wrap, Upholster (no batting), Install.

4) Trim out with fantastic gimp & nail heads.

We have 10 custom panels in our 600 sq foot Design Studio

Why I like this Custom Alternative (where appropriate):

A) Custom Wall Upholstery is expensive. Very. Especially done right.

B) This = slightly temporary. And easily customized. Can morph from frugal headboard (no batting, no plywood in size) to pin board upholstery in teenagers room to simple wall upholstery. It’s easy to make it “you”.

C) If you have a fabric you love but don’t have $$$$ to purchase the 120+ yards necessary this is a FRUGAL alternative


You know the drill…skill & time. Rush + poor execution = looks cheap!

This is not “cheap Friday”, it’s Frugal Friday….;)


When I “unearthed” this trick, I was a (broke) 20 something designer watching a temporary installation going up. I asked what the set designer was using.


You can learn a LOT from set designers ;).

They are always making custom spaces and places, “couture chateau’s” for peeps.

Have a fantastic weekend. And remember…

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Friday Frugal Finds….Confession of an Ikea Hacker!

Friday Frugal Finds…Confession of an Ikea Hacker!

Ikea Hackers!

Yes, we are Couture Chateau

This is the Feature Image on our Website…not exactly Ikea…;)!

Layered, Intentional Living…Custom all the way…Private Labels for YOU…

Seriously, we private label & custom make almost everything! Including the FABRIC!

However, I still love IKEA.

This is an Ikea Kitchen!

OK, I’ve lost some of you…but…look!…

THIS is actually the “hack” that stole my heart…I was so happy when it won “Hack of the Year”!

Beauty and Style are not the strongholds of the wealthy…they are strongholds of the soul

Look at this! It’s beautiful! Even if it’s not your style…you must give props to the eye that created it!

CONFIDENCE in our Design Eye is what makes it possible for us to say it’s OK to shop at Ikea

Very cool…wish the pic was better quality, but still…you get the jist!

Seriously…do YOU have enough confidence to buck the “prevailing thought” and TRUST your eye?

Fun. Real life living for a family…

We are here to help! CALL us…the Holiday’s are just around the corner and your VIP Day is waiting!!

Click here to schedule a VIP Couture Chat! 1 Day, 1 Designer, 1 Designer’s Team, 2 Days Studio Work, 1 12-16 Page Write up, 1 Really Cool Box, 1 Happy Client !!

xo Ann

Tuesday Tidbit: My Gold & (Brass) Habit!

Tuesday Tidbit: My Gold (Brass) Habit!

Sneak Peek…A Gold Panel from the Plaza Hotel in one of our Projects (not yet completed)

So I’ve shared my Herringbone Habit, My Yellow Habit and now, my Gold Habit!

Gold Bracelet

Even when Silver, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Copper were “in – out – all the rage – etc”

Finish Samples

I always looked for ways to incorporate Gold or Brass into my projects

Aged Brass Mirror

Timeless – Truly

Love using these simple Brass single Faucets in unexpected places!

Ages – Naturally

Look at this – Beautiful! I found it on Etsy…click on link below to see if it’s still available!

Love it!

Brass Antique Vase from Benton County Museum Site

xo Ann

Monday Matters: Your Custom Life & Why It’s Important!

Monday Matters: Your Custom Life & Why It’s Important!

You Can’t Really Fail!

Couture Chateau is all about creating custom spaces to enhance the life our client’s are meant to live


I am repeatedly an INFP: Performing Noble Service to Aid Society 🙂

At any price point

Sabrina Soto of HGTV’s High – Low Project

Each of us brings different gifts and talents!

What are YOUR gifts and talents…ARE you USING THEM? Can you find them in your home? If not, then it’s time to re-arrange your space :)!

Have you LOST your Gifts & Talents in a messy home?

Lost your marbles?

In a disorganized closet?

I am a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers!

Then it’s time to rearrange your Couture Chateau!

My Couture Chateau Custom Monogrammed Door Handles!

Stay tuned as we roll out those E-Products with Practical Tips & Tricks for You!

Monday Matters…it sets the tone for the week.

xo Ann