Tuesday Tidbit: Couture Chateau on ivillage, 16 Beautiful Fall Decor Trends!

Tuesday Tidbit: Couture Chateau is on ivillage!

Page 12, check it out! A Couture Chateau Design Project from Moraga, California is Featured! How fun to have a local project make the “Beautiful Fall Decor Trends” ;)!…

Check out the post on Trends for 2013

Seriously! I am so stoked! You’d a thunk we made the cover of House Beautiful!!

Here are some more shots from the same room

Detail of Chair. Our amazing restorer applied five coats of lacquer to a fabulous vintage chair. We had new cane put on so the finish would absorb properly.

This is a favored client, he and his wife have EXCEPTIONAL taste

The menswear upholstery weight stripe is a wool blend. It is an absolutely stunning piece of fabric – here it is with a Versace Fabric we also have. Yum!

They understand refined design and attention to detail

I love the tonal qualities of gorgeous brown with gorgeous gray. The table is entirely hand hewn. Every inch.

They value the people in their lives and sought to create a fabulous backdrop where the living takes center stage. They understand from the core that excellence in Craftsmenship translates into the soul of a room.

A true Couture Chateau.

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xo Ann

Saturday Sunshine: Reminded of one of my Favorite Quotes…

Saturday Sunshine: Reminded of one of my Favorite Quotes

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

“Comparison is the Thief to Joy”

As the founder of a Company who’s motto is: Live a Custom Life, There is Only One You, I had to remind myself of that this week!

Some AMAZING Women at Fashion Week! Denise McGaha, Stacy Naquin, Jennifer Reynolds, Edyta Czajkowska (Not pictured, more friends: Lisa Mende and Traci Zeller…also AMAZING women!)

As several of my friends were in NYC for a fabulous time at Jason Wu’s working and learning alongside Brizo.

Photos Courtesy of Denise McGaha’s Facebook Page. You can Follow Denise HERE.

Does it get more fun than this?! I mean Brizo AND Jason Wu? A Designer’s Dream Team…

I was setting up with our Team for our once yearly Clearance Sale for close Friends, Clients & Designers

Yes, that is 4.5 Yards of Versace Home Fabric ;)!…

I realized that we are EACH where we are supposed to be at any given time

Remembering that these chairs will find JUST the right home…because we are being faithful stewards of the task at hand, and that next season it might be the right time to be somewhere else ;)!!…

As you take some time this weekend, remember, YOU have something unique, special and amazing to bring to the table

A Gorgeous Draw Leaf Table, similar to one we have in the Studio that will be for sale…

Saturday Sunshine: Be YOU!

Lift up those hands and twirl just a bit today ;)!…Even if it’s raining in your life, I promise there is sunshine behind those clouds!!

Live that custom life.

xo Ann

Wednesday Style Points: Behind the Scenes at Jason Wu with Brizo Faucet!

Wednesday Style Points: Behind the Scenes at Jason Wu’s with Brizo Faucet

Jason Wu Collaborates with Brizo

So, no WE aren’t this season…but some of my friends ARE!

Jason for Brizo

Stay tuned as we stay in touch with Jennifer Reynolds

Jennifer Reynolds

Denise McGaha

Denise McGaha

Traci Zeller

Traci Zeller

Lisa Mende

Lisa Mende

and Stacy Naquin

Stacy Naquin

We will stay in TOUCH with these ladies over the next week. They are the real deal. Hard working, smart, beautiful inside and out. BLESSED to call them friends.

I will be with these amazing women next week – but as we get updates will share on our Facebook page! xo Ann McDonald

xo Ann

Monday Matters: Am Loving Classic Trends

Monday Matters: Am Loving Classic Trends!

Classic Trends from Jason Wu, 2011

Couture Chateau will probably never be called super trendy…

Though for the right Clients, we would use these!

We are all about building custom lives & lifestyles that enhance the individual – the “custom” in you!


Couture Chateau Private Label Custom for a more reserved Client

Whether that’s with information, design, encouragement or counsel

Design Counsel

I am loving these trends right now though…

Bentley Churchill

All Things Yellow (My Office is of COURSE Yellow!)

CR Laine

Have a Fabulous Week…what are YOUR favorite Classic Trends?!

xo Ann

Fashion and Design: Jason Wu, Ralph Lauren, Lee Radziwill & your Couture Chateau!

Oh how we love style! We are COUTURE Chateau…we believe STYLE translates from clothing to interiors to us!

Jason Wu Couture 2011

I confess I would wear these to breakfast if I could!…That said, look how FASHION and INTERIOR DESIGN mesh…


Have a look at those GORGEOUS Couture Gowns by Jason Wu from 2011…and the home designs we found that mirror…FABULOUS!

Lee Radziwill’s Red Room

Can you imagine?! I can just see stepping into the space below in the corresponding gown above! Happy Saturday!…One can dream ;)…

Fabulous Design, Layers & Textures

Design & Reality TV

I hope everyone has been well. We have been busy behind the scenes with Couture Chateau working on everything from private design projects to our Design Seminars. Make sure and sign up now! Space is highly limited on this one – only 8 people!That said, my friend – and actually quite funny – Designer Heather Blue Harkovich

Heather & Scott

was on TLC’s Finale last night of Four Houses. I have linked Heather’s Blog here:

Having worked in and around the entertainment industry for years, this was laugh out loud funny to me.

I delighted to see each and every one of the “couture chateau’s” designed and made with intent and care. The spaces created certainly fed each of the personalities who lived with in.

Stay tuned…!

xoxo Ann McDonald

“Live a custom life. There is only one you!”

True to her calling…and gifts…Dwell with Dignity inspires

This past week at the Design Bloggers Conference, we had the honor of hearing from the woman who started Dwell with Dignity.(Website Link Here)

She is a remarkable woman who combined her PASSION for those less fortunate, POSITION in a community with resources and PROFESSION in Interior Design.

She does an amazing job using the best available to bring honor and dignity to those transitioning back into a productive life.

She and those who work along side her understand that WHERE we live and HOW we live affects the soul.

WHY her presentation spoke to me personally is tomorrow’s post….;)

TODAY, take a minute and peruse their site and check out this article (YES, I know it’s from 2011, but I thought it was the best review I’ve seen;)


It’s a wonderful organization. Be encouraged today that there IS good being done….

xoxo Ann

Friday Fun Day: Never Sit Down in a Hoopskirt….

Friday Fun Day!  It rained all day today (Thursday) in SF so I was happy to come across my friend Crickett Rumley’s Blog post about GCB and a few other fun and relevant things going on in LA….

Since it was grey outside and the cover of her book is CHEERFUL!….It was a great way to infuse some color into the office by posting this for today.

My new intern worked at getting those business cards organized from the conference, we scheduled for an install tomorrow and made sure all those details were accounted for and then, I had the pleasure of checking in on Crickett.

Have you heard of Crickett Rumley?

LOVE this girl

Her Website/Blog: http://www.crickettrumley.com/

She is a pretty amazing woman of the South, transplanted to Los Angeles via New York. I count her as a friend.

She also happens to be a great author.

Her book “Never Sit Down in a Hoopskirt” is sheer delight. There are some great laugh out loud moments. The book resonates with time honored truths but is not preachy. All in all a great read.

Check her out. So fun! Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Friday!!

xoxo Ann