Tuesday Tidbit: Time To Get In Shape, Darn…:). Can’t I Just Design Only?!

Tuesday Tidbit: Time To Get In Shape, Darn…:) Can’t I Just Design Only?!

You know those signs

You hear it, read it, see it….friends oh so gently remind you…

time to get in shape Ann


I know it, I have been in shape…but ouch!

As I told a friend this morning, it seems so much easier to just buy really nice clothes & pop on a pair of Louboutins!


I LOVE Oscar. And the color? Divine. The bow? Perfection.

So today my tidbit has nothing to do with homes or design, well I guess Lifestyle Design, sort of

Got back in the pool this morning. It will be a long road forward…

Oscar again. I also happen to love yellow. The 3/4 sleeve on this Spring RTW is a perfect length. Ditto the skirt portion. Flattering.

But journey with me.

Do you need to modify something?

I need to get my head out of work 24-7 and allocate some time to getting in shape

It is easier for me to work

Oscar Earrings. Cute with the dress, right?!

What about you?

What is good that you know you must do that you don’t?

I can’t be the only one…

Tuesday Tidbit: We are what we do.

Amanda Nisbet Design. Image linked. Just having a yellow moment. Does any body do this better than she? I think not!


“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


PS: If there is some tidbit you need to change, let me know!  Or if you aren’t ready to share, just know I am here on the journey with you. We cannot do it alone. Heck, my husband had to practically throw me in the car this morning to go swim. I resisted – the coffee was good & the blog was calling…and now? I am still in my swim parka! BUT have at least started. The first step is the hardest….Have a great day. Someone out there needs you!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbit: Time To Get In Shape, Darn…:). Can’t I Just Design Only?!

  1. Yay!! So proud of you. You know I’ve been there and it’s so hard–but mostly just at the beginning, so you’ve done the hardest part. You can do this:) XO

  2. walked today and yesterday….please hold my hand as I travel this road with you!? got a long way to go, but trying to be positive and keep my eye on the result….
    xo meredith

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