Thursday Spotlight: What Is A Couture Chateau Type of Life?

Thursday Spotlight: What Is A Couture Chateau Type of Life?

I recently had a meeting with a new friend. They asked me….

WHY do you call the Bespoke Interior Design Portion of your Business “Couture Chateau”?

WHY isn’t it Ann McDonald?

For a large segment of my Business, it IS “Ann McDonald”. We (my team & I) are rolling out a new website which will be Ann McDonald “Home Base” so it’s easier for you to find us, the blog, the design…all of it

HOWEVER, when it comes to a HIGHLY SPECIFIC SEGMENT of my business, that is, a Bespoke Fully Serviced Designed Home Space for my Clients, it’s about THEM…not me

Read below…let me know if it resonates…

I believe YOUR custom is about YOUR fingerprint

I bring my gifts & talents to the table to make MANIFEST you, not to make manifest me!

Here is the actual page from my site describing that elusive “aha moment”…


Ann McDonald conceived of Couture Chateau in 1989 with a simple mission:

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

Here are some of her musings about opening this once very private door…

I am passionate about Couture Chateau. It’s the proverbial child that has spent decades “behind the gate” with my private Design Clients and dear close friends.

Finally I open the gates a bit and NEW friends and clients peek into the Couture Chateau world…

COUTURE: To layer and sew or build by hand with absolute attention to detail. To use the best available materials and trade fabricators budget will allow

CHATEAU: The place YOU call home

For years my Design Philosophy has been to create Couture Living Spaces, lifestyles really… for Clients. We work to custom make almost every item that isn’t acquired from antique sources or art houses/auctions. We private label for the client.

My Custom Couture Chateau Crewels take at least 5 months to complete. That is for a single commission. Furniture, Upholstery crafted by hand by the best available. Those Couture details from Hangers to Silver Leaf Closets that only a client sees when dressing…private bespoke items that make a house a home.

I have been in COUTURE Yurts…

I have been in COUTURE Manses…

Style and Taste are not the strongholds of the wealthy….they are the STRONGHOLDS of the soul…you can learn to love and live with style at any point in your life.

A I begin to open these very private gates, my passion is to FOSTER my motto: “Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

I believe living intentionally well in any space, any time, under any budget enhances you. It changes the life that comes out of us & contributes to those around us…

Start today living your CUSTOM life.

COME on the journey with me.

Delight (in who you really are). Do (what you were meant to do). Be (what you are supposed to be). Couture (you are custom & therefore worth it). Chateau (the place you call home).


Do you see? Do you “aha”? Do you believe YOU are CUSTOM & therefore worth it?

I do!!

Thursday Spotlight: YOU!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann


PS: Do you have someone who needs to know they are custom? Share this post with them to let them know YOU value THEM “just because they are” not because they do or achieve…but just because they are…

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