Tuesday Tidbit: Never Decorate When You Are…..

Tuesday Tidbit: Never Decorate When You Are…..




Super Happy???

Humm….did I just say that? Super Happy???

Let me just throw this out there:

Has there ever been a time when you were super excited and you bought something that didn’t look so great two weeks later?

I call those Vacation Clothes Moments “VCM’s”

You know…when you are in Nantucket and buy the cutest pants, not the reds which are appropriate anywhere imo 🙂 but the ones you can ONLY wear in Nantucket during a few months. They usually involve maps & whales…


When you are in Mustique and the white linen something calls you……and then you realize that $$$$ for a simple something that you can only wear in Mustique…..might not have been the best idea

Sometimes we do the same thing when it comes to our homes

Now, this might be fantastic as an art installation, but no amount of champagne & caviar should convince you that you need this in your main living area.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to our homes

We get super excited & are SO SURE that the “Insert Any Item Here” will look perfect on our entry hall table. Besides, at $$$$$$ it’s “such a deal” ;)!

Tuesday Tidbit: Do you have any “Don’t ever decorate when you are ———?” stories to share?

Can you laugh about them now?

I would so love to hear!!

I can not be the only one….

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbit: Never Decorate When You Are…..

  1. Never decorate when you are in a “F-it” mood. It can be about your budget or your actual need for the item. At that moment, you just want it no matter what.

  2. I have “magazine madness”…I see it in a magazine (on line, etc)…especially when I’ve been “trapped” indoors….ugh! That “click” is way too convenient… 🙂 franki

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