Saturday Stuff: Decorating Systems That Actually Work

Saturday Stuff: Decorating Systems That Actually Work

So I love watching HGTV, DIY…all of that

I really do!

Am kind of a dork for some of my FAVorite Design Stars

One problem – it is not real

No, really! It is not real!

You’d be shocked at how many Client’s say…well, “I was watching HGTV and they did….this…..for this…..with this many people…”

Ummm…..hummmm……how shall I answer this?

Some day I am going to organize a group for a Tour of a Set or Location Shoot for a Home Show. Who is with me?! I’d LOVE to do a Fabulous + Fun Behind the Scenes on a Home Decorating Show – we could be honoring & have a educational seminar to boot!

Back lot shot of Universal Studios

How about we hit where the Writers hang out…you know, the peeps who make the magic appear so effortlessly

Then onto the:

Trailers like this are all over location shoots. Some much smaller! Some much bigger.

Make up trailers, Food Trucks, Interns on bicycles with super cool baskets, Lighting Crew, Sound Crew…WGA, SAG…all of it!


Why do I share this?

Because even though I love television decorating shows, they aren’t always the best mechanism for equipping you to do something in a systematic manner that you can REPEAT in your own life

One of the reasons I created Decorate Like A Pro System is to TEACH SYSTEMS THAT you CAN repeat in your own life

Saturday Stuff. Life is filled with a lot of baggage. Sometimes we just have to call it what it is so we can get on with the unpacking & find the outfit that fits!!

Let’s do that together!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

2 thoughts on “Saturday Stuff: Decorating Systems That Actually Work

  1. One of the persons I worked with was a “featured realtor” on HGTV…trust me…it is ALL TELEVISION. Everything is staged…from the comments from the street, etc. It reminds me of a “Designer Showhouse”…it’s there for your IMAGINATION and then FRUITION. I luv blogs! franki

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