Wednesday Style Points: Can’t Rock Them When You’re Sick…or Can You?!

Wednesday Style Points: Can’t Rock Them When You’re Sick…or Can You?!

Holy Toledo Batman, this flu season stinks!

Pardon my French but we had a busy week planned & most of it’s shot…re-schedule a video shoot, re-tape a Webinar, Mastermind Telecall, A 3-Day Conference…and the best laid plans…

So I learn daily that someone else is in control which I know in my heart is a good thing

Ha! says the Lord. Take a chill pill Ann. OK, I’m listening God – I’m just really excited about what we have coming out & want to carry on.

There IS delight in knowing all we have to do is plant the seed. It’s up to someone else to make it grow….

Style points – still on my brain even as I am surrounded by Nyquil, Vapo Rub & Vitamin C. How silly is that. A designer still cares about those things even when down for the count.

That said, these pale pink rooms are delighting me right now. May they be a delight to you as well.

The soothing pale pinks are helping me right now…hope they are a blessing to you – and equip you to take a deep breath & enjoy health!

Check out some pretty pale pink spaces  = a style point.

Image linked via House Beautiful.

And with this, I am back to resting. I know when I’m beat! Hope you are spared…

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


All said, I am grateful for solid assistants. We are still testing our Webinar with a select group at the end of February. If you sent in your email, you should receive instructions by Friday of this week. There are no more tester spots available but at least one 1 Hour Webinar will be made available for free to any and all who like. We are delighted to share this growing process together and walk along side in this thing called life. Our first Formal Product Launch will be available for purchase in March!

women shopping - fashion logo version 2 (non-editable web-ready file)

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