Monday Matters: Getting My Desk Aligned With My Heart So I Can Design With Clarity

Monday Matters: Getting My Desk Aligned With My Heart So I Can Design With Clarity

Monday morning. Ahhh….

I do love my city by the bay. As wacky as it can get…there is still beauty rising each morning. A hope for the new day.

Oopps…lots of things that didn’t get done around the house this weekend

Lots of small things that were left behind on the desk

Working on the Webinar…If you haven’t seen our Video, make sure to watch it HERE

Monday matters.

Good coffee helps – and since you know me, so do good shoes!!!

I know when the over the knee boots come out, it means business! I dragged my favorite pair to Arkansas last week for Mastermind & they always make me feel more empowered. Silly but true. 🙂

What is on the docket for your week?

What is on the list for your home?

Are you buying some fun Valentine things to set the table with?

So simple & fun, especially with kids around. Image linked.

Cards to those near & far who need to know you love them?

Me? A bit of travel, Tahoe & elsewhere to meet some clients

I love the drive. About 3 hours – a great cup of coffee & lots of thinking time when my cell reception goes out. Any project in Lake Tahoe is inspiring to me.

A bit of this & a bit of that

I need to clear my desk, make sure it aligns with what my heart is telling me about our venture outside these four safe studio walls….& designing with clarity these Systems so they make life EASIER! Not burdens or rules or regulations, but adaptable, scalable customizable systems that set you free.


It’s the good stuff.

Because we are here.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

xo Ann


THANK YOU to ALL who have contacted me or commented on this phase of  my business. Overwhelmed with joy & marvel at the abundance of blessing. We are testing one of our first webinars with a small live group at the end of Feburary & will have systems available in March/April.

I am so excited about the clarity of mission here:

To equip you in an overwhelmed world

To embrace the custom you & be intentional about how you DESIGN YOUR LIFE

So you may steward the opportunities around you & find your calling in the clearing…

If you haven’t emailed us to let us know you want to be on our mailing list, do so. I am working to be FEARLESS, so can you. It’s the word for 2013.


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