Thursday Spotlight: Who Am I & How In Heaven’s Name Does That Relate To My Sofa?!

Thursday Spotlight: Who Am I & How In Heaven’s Name Does That Relate To My Sofa?!

Spotlight: Who Am I?

My favorite sofa style for me? High arm, high back, deep cushion…in navy or red velvet……opposite a white contemporary piece….

I love the mix of old & new, contemporary, traditional. For me? Who I am today? In my living room, this mix feels like a great dinner party…enough tradition to keep it real & some spark to make it interesting….

Spotlight: Who Are You?

The roll arm…always a classic. Image from Apartment Therapy. Linked.

And how in the name of anything does that relate to my sofa….

Yesterday, I shared a photo from the TV Series Frasier. We saw how the choice of Frasier’s Bespoke Sofa ala Coco Chanel contrasted to his Father’s choice of recliner.

Both of those pieces were perfect for who the characters were – at that specific time

Knowing who you are so you can be consistent in every area of your life, starting with your “nest” is important

I believe with all my soul that we need each other to encourage, equip & figure it out. We cannot do this alone…we simply can’t

It can equip you or hinder you

This is such a great visual to me….to the ant, THIS is shopping! They work together to find just the right piece to be who they are…so silly & yet so relevant…image linked.

Can you imagine how uncomfortable the character Martin would have been on the sofa & vice versa?


Yes, you know…one of my trademarked systems 😉

1) from a SAFETY standpoint, he had physical limitations. he needed his recliner to accommodate those issues

2) from an ORDER standpoint, he needed the recliner with a table close by for his drink, remote & as an easy spot for his dog Eddie

3) from a BEAUTY standpoint, that recliner had lived with him for years. It was a pleasant memory and comforting spot where he could delight in all that life had handed him. It was beautiful to HIM

Am I telling you to go buy a recliner?


Though this one might be ok. Image linked.

Am I letting you know that it’s ok to decorate for you, today? YES

In 7 years we will re-asses. My Decorating Principle # 1: Decorate with no more than 7 years in mind.

Who are you?

Does your sofa fit?

Does it do for YOU what Martin’s recliner does for him?

Does it do for YOU what Frasier’s sofa does for him?

I hope so

Spotlight. You.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

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